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What’s Up Wellness is Making Wellness Fun and Easy to Consume

Living away from their respective homes for more than a decade, Vaibhav & Sayantani started feeling the ill-effects of a compromised diet – high on junk food and no fixed eating times, making them worried about having problems which people would not see until their late 30s.

Vaibhav Makhija and Sayantani Mandal, Co-founders, Whats Up Wellness

Around the same time, they lost their well-paid corporate jobs due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown, which nudged them to address the problems they saw many of their peers were also facing.

Their research showed that while it is tough to get people to eat healthily and have timely meals, it was relatively easier to add a small food item that would deliver a major part of the required nutrition, as long as it tastes good. Also the fact that people invest a lot in advanced skin & hair care but these high-end products only show optimum results when you are healthy inside as well. Topical treatment alone is not holistic. Hence, Whats Up Wellness came into being, specifically to solve the problems faced by people aged 25-45 years old, people who are leading a high-paced life, trying to achieve what they aspire to and tend to give up on their own wellness in this journey of theirs. Whats Up Wellness aims to be their go-to destination for everything related to wellness in the long run.

Their first product is What’s Up Beauty Gummies, which promises better hair, skin and nail health at less than Rs. 30 per day. These gummies, while tasting like strawberry candy, deliver powerful superfoods like Sea Buckthorn, Grape Seeds, Aloe Vera, Zinc, Folic Acid along with Vitamins A to E and Biotin to help overcome their nutrition deficiency and attain bright skin, healthy hair & strong nails. Their simple yet attractive packaging communicates the desired effects effectively so that wellness-minded category newcomers can consume with confidence and add nutraceuticals as a part of their daily lifestyle.

All the ingredients are under the recommended RDA limits, unlike most of the competitors in the market.

The demand for functional, need-specific supplements is growing rapidly, and What’s Up Wellness plans to extend its range beyond beauty supplements soon to make a play for a major share in the market. “I am excited about What’s Up Wellness because it is built to focus on the specific problems faced by most of us today and is the best way to kick start your wellness journey!” says Vaibhav.

“In short, we want to deliver the best wellness experience – easy, tasty, and a joyful part of the day through our brand,” he adds.

A proudly made in India brand, it is currently bootstrapped and is already gaining good traction in the market. It has been just 45 days since they launched but the response has been amazing, with customers actively placing repeat orders on the website.

Currently, What’s Up Wellness is available on their own website – www.whatsupwellness.in and Amazon, with listings on other platforms going live soon.

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