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Two Waterless Skin Care Exfoliants Launched by CHOSEN in 2022

New concept allows skin care products to be preservative free and eco-friendly tooIncreases product efficiency and shelf lifeChennai based CHOSEN launched their Waterless skin care exfoliants in 2022. The Milk Route Water-less is lactic acid based and the Light Routine Gentle Waterless is salicylic acid based. The Waterless skin care exfoliants are a revolutionary new concept that allows skin care products to be preservative free. Apart from being preservative free, Waterless skin care increases product efficacy and shelf life too.Two Waterless Skin Care Exfoliants available at CHOSENWaterless skin care is the recommended option for those looking to avoid preservatives in their products-like teenagers, pregnant and nursing women, and anyone with sensitive skin. Many preservatives like parabens are associated with the risk of endocrine disruption and are therefore, not suitable for those looking for clean beauty.For this category of users, Waterless products are an ecofriendly and sustainable option.Also, the Waterless base is completely bioderived, with Milk Route Water-less being a 100% natural content product, and Light Routine Gentle Waterless containing 95% plant content making them acceptable to those looking for vegan, plant, and planet friendly skin care!”CHOSEN is all about inclusive beauty-both from the point of view of the people using it, and the planet. People have unique sensibilities, and at CHOSEN we are able to cater to, while balancing the need for being eco-conscious in our products that we offer,” said Ms. Punitha Vijayakrishnan, Head of Marketing Operations, CHOSEN Store.CHOSEN closes the year 2022 launching several innovative products like the non-nano mineral sunscreen range, SAFESCREEN, the Pycnogenol based serums, White Pine and has now debuted its Waterless skin care collection with Milk Route Water-less and Light Routine Gentle Waterless as they enter a new year.

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