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Sri Adhikari Brothers’ Web Film “Dheet Patangey” Streaming on Disney hotstar Sound Track Making Waves Directed by Ravi Adhikari

The Gen Next of Sri Adhikari Brothers’ web feature film titled ‘Dheet Patangey’ directed by Ravi Adhikari, streaming on Disney Hotstar. The original soundtrack “Rabba maine chand vekhya” has mesmerized people and has been trending on all music streaming platforms. The song was released a few days before the arrival of the ‘Chand festival’ Eid. It has streamed over 10 million (Audio + Video) in a week’s time.

Ravi Adhikari

The song is released by Malson Media. The beautiful song is composed by Tanishk and Vayu and has occupied the hearts and nerves of people in a short span of time. The film ‘Dheet Patangey’ is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

A promising Filmmaker, Ravi Adhikari entertained the millennial audience with his very first offering, a web film titled ‘Dheet Patangey’, set against the backdrop of the 1983 and 2011 Cricket World Cup Finals. The major achievement of the movie is the way it has infused genuine and intense emotions amongst viewers by successfully exhibiting the nation’s love for cricket and the significance of friendship.

Ravi Adhikari’s first offering in the form of this web film is a beautiful blend of friendship, sport, love, self-discovery, life and romance that has been exclusively premiered on Hotstar. The star cast of the film is, Shivin Narang, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Ali Murad, Hardik Sangani, Tilotama Shom and Priya Banerjee. The Gen Next duo, Ravi and Kailashnath Adhikari have named their wing ‘Happii Digital’. The audience is enjoying it as much as the director enjoyed making this film to keep up with the changing dynamics of the entertainment landscape.

The song “Rabba maine chand vekhya” from the web film ‘Dheet Patangey’ has marked the directorial debut of Ravi Adhikari. He calls this movie a slice-of-life entertainer about friendship on a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery and most importantly, an ode to the beautiful bond of friendship.

Sri Adhikari Brothers Group has never failed to redefine the Indian Media and Entertainment industry and has continually reconceptualized the presence of entertainment in India. Basking in the moments of success, Sri Adhikari Brothers Group boasts that it has not only produced and worked on multi-genre content but has also created one of the biggest channels for comic entertainment. Sri Adhikari Brothers Group is a pioneer in the field of Indian Media and has been through various stages of growth over the last 3 decades.

‘Dheet Patangey’ has left no stone unturned to win people’s hearts by showcasing an ordinary setup with extraordinary characters, a gripping story and mesmerizing and heart-winning songs.

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