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SocialPilot Kick Starts Its First Out-of-Country Staycation for Employees

Business Wire IndiaIn 2023, SocialPilot will organize its first staycation for employees. 

SocialPilot will fully fund a one-month, out-of-country staycation for six employees in 2023. This effectively implies that an employee (and a companion) can select the country of their choosing, and SocialPilot will sponsor visas, airfare, and a 30-day stay.

During the staycation, employees will work during local business hours and have the opportunity to explore the new country on evenings and weekends. 

The employees who won the staycation for this year will also be able to use additional vacation time immediately before or after their staycation.

Winners were picked at random during a Zoom call in which all self-nominated names were placed on a spinning wheel.

Sreeja Malhotra, one the staycation winners for Jan 2023, said, “I consider myself fortunate to be a part of an organization that recognises its employees’ achievements through innovative employee appreciation programmes.”

Tejas Mehta, Co-founder of SocialPilot, said, “We’ve worked hard since the beginning to create a rewarding atmosphere that we ourselves would have enjoyed working in after graduating from college. While we have other professionally and monetarily rewarding employee engagement initiatives at SocialPilot, we decided to amp up the appeal this year, especially since Covid had disrupted everyone’s vacations the previous two years. We hope that the winners of the staycation initiative will get to travel to new places, learn about new cultures, and have a great time with their travel partners.”

SocialPilot is forging a new path in rewarding its employees and demonstrating that it genuinely cares for its employees at a time when companies are mass-firing and trimming spending to maximize revenue.

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