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Quintype CMS Empowering Magazine Publishers

The change in patterns of content consumption has been brutally obvious. Due to the pandemic, many publishing houses have had to get their feet into the digital world. While we wait for things to resume, returning to the way they were, Quintype continues to deliver future proof solutions for the modern day publisher.

As traditional print publishers explore the digital world, it’s important to understand how things can be kept the same way while making the necessary enhancements. Quintype’s solutions do just that. Magazine publishers can regulate their content on both Print and digital platforms through a single Bold CMS.

Quintype’s Bold CMS also allows teams to collaborate and work from a single authoring source across multiple magazines. It also helps increase workforce efficiency by 10% with a smooth editorial workflow.

Quintype’s front-end framework, Page Builder from Ahead, allows publishers to configure layouts for the issues without having to lean on a developer. Accesstype, another peerless product from the Quintype suite, helps publishers add paywalls that match their monetization strategy. It also allows publishers to bundle digital and print editions.

“Our products provide a platform for magazine publishers to experience better traffic. We’re excited to expand into this market and drive more and more successful magazine websites,” said Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype India Pvt. Ltd.

Quintype has assisted popular brands like Vikatan and LER Magazine to digitally connect with their audience across the globe. Vikatans digital first approach helped them to interact with the Tamil-speaking diaspora, hence, boosting their engagement.

Quintype’s products are designed to help modern-day publishers create and distribute their content. The platform facilitates improved collaboration, customization, and user experience. On the Quintype platform, the editorial staff may obtain SEO reports, adjust advertisement placement and layout, and manage/update content by edition.

In order to cater to magazine publishers, Quintype’s products provide editorial teams the opportunity to combine their efforts into a smart platform. Publishers can now depend on technology to do the monotonous tasks and streamline the efforts of their content creators.

Quintype firmly believes that traditional print will continue to have a place. But they also understand the power of digital media and therefore are driven to help publishers explore digital alternatives in these turbulent times.

For enquiries related to Quintype, please contact vineet@quintype.com

About Quintype

Quintype was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India with a global clientele of marquee publishers across USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Quintypes award-winning multi-lingual, digital-first publishing solutions empower content creators to deliver superlative experiences to their readers, every single time.

Key Highlights

100 Publishers

650M+ Page Views Per Month

100M+ Readers Per Month

150 Languages Supported

Quintype relieves publishers from the challenges of legacy content management systems, through its modern age SaaS products. Fast ROI at a strikingly low TCO enables adoption of the products across the board; from large media houses to aspirational start-ups. With Quintype, publishers can now focus on what they do the best: creating high-quality content

Quintype’s SaaS suite of products consist of Bold, Ahead, Accesstype and Metype. These products empower publishers around 3 axes – content management, audience engagement and content monetization.

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