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“Our Nation Needs Resilience, Now More than Ever” – Pramod Srinivas, On a Path to Making India Healthier and Better

The coronavirus disease has taken the world by storm. Many lives lost and many lives’ hopes lost – anxiety at a global level has seen an all-time high. From frontline workers to those that are volunteering to help fellow inhabitants of this planet heal from this pandemic, every passing day is coming to be an assurance of humanity’s faith being restored.

Pramod Srinivas – leading the way towards a better India

Rashtriya Yuva Prathishtana founded by Pramod Srinivas, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating a sustainable environment for youth and the development of an empowered civilization.

As one of the frontline employees, we are devoted to providing a 360-degree support system and change-oriented initiatives to youngsters across India.

We are here to make a difference to the society and strive for a better tomorrow and a better India. We strongly believe that the nations strength and future lies in the hands of its youth.

We adopt a holistic approach of enhancing the less fortunate youth with vocational skills, guidance, counselling and financial assistance.

By providing vocational training and life skills, we intend to turn the less privileged youth into an asset for the society and the nation.

Rashtriya Yuva Prathishtana ensures that the local community needs are met thus benefiting the youth as well as the entire community or village.

Rashtriya Yuva Prathishtana is an inspired movement with a desire to bring about a change for the betterment of the society and the nation.

Pramod Srinivas, has been giving it his all and beyond to help alleviate the damage caused by COVID-19. A civil engineer and an MBA graduate by academic qualification, but a social worker at heart, Pramod Srinivas decided to return to his homeland, right after the completion of his education at Liverpool, in order to be involved in processes that will make a difference to our nation. He believes in finding the root cause of any issue to be able to find a sustainable solution – be it in employment, education, medical or agricultural sectors.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, Mr. Pramod has chanellised all his energies into rising to the occasion – that of helping the society bounce back to normalcy. Through Rashtriya Yuva Prathistana, Mr. Pramod has organised for the distribution of COVID-care kits consisting of grocery items, to families of Doddagowdanapalya – where middle class families and those below the poverty line have been struggling to meet their basic needs. Additionally, in Padmanabhanagar, he reached out to a few police personnel and families to help distribute more grocery kits to help fight this pandemic better.

In Kumaraswamy Layout Ward, more COVID-care kits were distributed to over 250 Pourakarmikas, auto and lorry drivers. Mr. Pramod’s keen eye to every supporter to his journey shows in his gratitude to the photographers who help ensure the coverage of every event – especially during these dire times, where they risk their lives on a daily basis, given the exposure. To that effect, Rashtriya Yuva Pratishtana, under his leadership and guidance decided to show their appreciation to the graphics team, by distributing the COVID-care kits.

“What our country needs urgently is young leaders capable of shouldering the responsibility of bringing in the much-needed change in multiple segments – where policy changes and hard work is required to drive the changes we wish to see,” states Pramod, his vision and mission for the country loud and clear.

Pramod Srinivas’ commitment to making this world a better place to be, is commendable. While his thirst to make a change is intense, Pramod, though dynamic in his approach to issues, is practical and realistic, acknowledging that change is hard to come by, especially in a country where policies work against it. However, he has embarked on this journey of change-making, not to quit, but to do whatever it takes to make this country a better place to be.

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