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Open a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit at interest rate up to 8.60% p.a.

Bajaj Finance has revised its FD rates for specific tenures. You can now earn up to 40 basis points higher on your investments with Bajaj Finance with these revised interest rates. Bajaj Finance already offered one of the highest FD rates available in the investment market, and now with this interest rate hike, investors can earn even more on their deposits.For the special tenure of 44 months, investors can yield returns at the rate of 8.60% p.a. which is a significantly higher return rate considering the average FD return rate. Making this an ideal time to invest in this fixed-income yet high-earning instrument.Here are the current FD interest rates offered to senior citizens and customers aged below 60 for cumulative fixed deposit (w.e.f. May 10, 2023)FD rates for regular tenure Period (months)Customers below 60 years of ageSenior citizens12-237.407.65>15-237.507.75247.557.8025-357.357.6036-608.058.30FD rates for special tenurePeriod (months)Customers below 60 years of ageSenior citizens157.457.70187.407.65227.507.75307.457.70337.758.00448.358.60You can also use the online FD calculator to estimate your returns even before choosing to invest with Bajaj Finance FD. This calculator can help you understand how much you would need to invest and how long you would require to be invested to get the desired returns.To get an idea of the prospective earnings let us have a look at an example where both a senior citizen and a citizen aged below 60 years invest Rs. 10 lakhs in a Bajaj Finance FD.Investor profile Tenure The applicable rate of interest Maturity amount Senior citizen60 months8.30% p.a.Rs. 14,89,849Non-senior citizen60 months8.05% p.a.Rs. 14,72,732Senior citizen44 months8.60% p.a.Rs. 13,53,244Non-senior citizen44 months8.35% p.a.Rs. 13,41,856As you can see, investing in a lump sum for a longer tenure can fetch good returns at maturity. However, if investing a large corpus in one go is not for you, then you need not postpone your investment plans till you save up a large pool. You can make small monthly investments and earn significant returns over a longer tenure. Bajaj Finance offers the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) an industry-first offering where you can start investing with amounts as small as Rs. 5000. You can save monthly and make these deposits. This works just like a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) sans the mutual fund market risk. Each deposit you make goes into a separate smaller FD, which either can be realised at maturity under the Single Maturity Scheme (SMS) or even payouts can be received monthly under the Monthly Maturity Scheme (MMS). You can choose your plan based on your liquidity requirements and financial aspirations.You can invest in this FD in under 10 minutes via an entirely paperless and 100% online process. Investing in this FD now is an ideal move as you can easily earn more thanks to the interest rate hike. However, before investing you must consider your income, expenses, liquidity requirements, and financial goals to make sure you make the right decision.Lastly, with Bajaj Finance you need not worry about faulty and untimely payments. With the highest credit ratings of AAA/STABLE bestowed by ICRA and CRISIL, you can be assured that your money is in good hands. Invest in a Bajaj Finance FD to earn more and grow your savings seamlessly.About Bajaj Finance LimitedBajaj Finance Ltd. (‘BFL’, ‘Bajaj Finance’, or ‘the Company’), a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv Ltd., is a deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC-D) registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and is classified as an NBFC-Investment and Credit Company (NBFC-ICC). BFL is engaged in the business of lending and acceptance of deposits. It has a diversified lending portfolio across retail, SMEs, and commercial customers with significant presence in both urban and rural India. It accepts public and corporate deposits and offers a variety of financial services products to its customers. BFL, a thirty-five-year-old enterprise, has now become a leading player in the NBFC sector in India and on a consolidated basis, it has a franchise of 66.05 million customers. BFL has the highest domestic credit rating of AAA/STABLE for long-term borrowing, A1+ for short-term borrowing, and CRISIL AAA/STABLE & [ICRA]AAA(Stable) for its FD program. It has a long-term issuer credit rating of BB+/Positive and a short-term rating of B by S&P Global ratings. To know more, visit www.bajajfinserv.in.

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