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NimbusPost is Standing Strong in the Indian Logistics Industry Amid the Price-hike

Recently, the Indian E-Commerce industry has seen exponential growth. According to an IBEF report, it’s expected to reach US$ 111.40 billion by 2025 and US$ 350 billion by 2030.A huge number of E-Commerce companies enter the market every day some of which grow to become the unicorn companies while some don’t see the light of the day.Apart from offering good quality products, proficiently handling the delivery of goods is critical for any E-Commerce brand. To fulfil their shipping needs, they either go directly to the courier partners or the shipping aggregators.When it comes to making an informed choice, aggregators offer far more advantages to the E-Commerce sellers than single courier partners.The price-war disruptionRecently there’s been a drastic change in the industry which has affected not just the aggregators but E-Commerce sellers as well. The sudden price hike by prominent courier partners like Delhivery, Ecom Express, and XpressBees has had an adverse effect on small aggregators.Unable to survive the price-rise burden, most small aggregators have vanished from the industry. On the other hand, several medium-sized shipping aggregators have been acquired by the big aggregators. Only a few logistics players like NimbusPost, which is the 2nd largest shipping aggregator in the business today, decided to undertake the price-rise challenge by introducing competitive pricing, new services, business expansion, and hiring 1000+ employees in multiple domains.Currently, NimbusPost seems to be the only shipping aggregator that is growing incessantly irrespective of the ongoing price-hike war.The company has been introducing additional features to streamline E-Commerce merchants’ logistics experience while expanding the team and services in the country and across the globe.They’ve been planning to increase the team size by adding 1000+ employees in operations, logistics, support, marketing & tech teams.NimbusPost is planning to soon launch its cross-border services to simplify import & export across nations.The company has recently launched its services in Indonesia and is planning to enter more regions in Southeast Asia.Other than Southeast Asia, they’re planning to enter the US, UK, and Australian logistics space to mark a strong global presence.Talking about the current disruption in the logistics industry, Mr. Yash Jain, the Co-founder and CEO of NimbusPost, commented, “The change has certainly affected the E-Commerce sellers’ shipping experience, but we’re handling the situation firmly by offering competitive pricing and redefining our services. We’re continuously introducing advanced platform features and adding employees across several divisions to enhance our clients’ logistics experience.”The next-gen shipping aggregator’s expansion plan showcases how they’re standing strong in the industry amid the ongoing chaos and offering a seamless order fulfilment experience to their clients at viable rates.

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