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Mylo Survey Reveals 72% of Women See Positive Impact of Digital Solutions on their Overall Health

Rapid adoption of smartphones and online tools in India have transformed the way people manage significant aspects of their lives, including maternal care and parenting. To understand digital solutions’ efficacy in providing mothers with the right information, Mylo, a leading one-stop pregnancy and parenting solution, conducted a survey with over 4600 women across India.The survey, in line with this year’s theme of International Women’s Day 2023 being ‘#DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality, looked at the impact of technology on Indian women’s experience with parenting, childcare and healthcare access.When asked about how they find tips and resources on parenting and childcare, 61% of women reported relying on mobile apps, social media and online parenting forums, due to instant access to the information and more personalised responses from peers.What women emphasised the most when elaborating on the use of digital platforms for managing health and childcare was the ease of communicating with other mothers and the strong sense of community (43%) one builds. Using the power of the internet to ask questions anonymously in a judgement-free zone likely helped users better address any concerns with parenting and healthcare. Information accessibility (32%) also played a role in managing their time and responsibilities. Personalised content and remote medical consultations (12%) were equally reported as important elements to digital platforms.After reflecting on the use of technology to access healthcare and find a community, 72% of the women reported that it has in fact improved their and their child’s overall health and wellness experience.Although easy access to the internet has democratised the flow of information, there may be too much information available, which can also be conflicting at times. This causes women to question the accuracy and increases the need for verified sourcesOn exactly which online channels women consult for advice on health, wellness and parenting, an overwhelming majority (62%) reported using pregnancy or health related mobile apps, likely attributed to digital tools like pregnancy trackers and nutrition charts. 18% primarily go through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.”Technology has revolutionised the way we approach maternal care and parenting. With digital solutions becoming more ubiquitous and user-friendly, women across India are relying on them for information, support, and guidance. Digital platforms have opened up new avenues for remote consultations with medical professionals, access to personalised content, and building supportive communities for women. It is heartening to see that online tools have become an integral part of women’s lives, helping them to balance their responsibilities and manage their time effectively,” said Shaveta Gupta, Head, Content & Community, Mylo.Mylo is a leading one stop solution for expecting and new mothers. It acts as a close companion to mothers as they embark upon this journey of raising a family. The platform provides a personalised experience, a helpful community of mothers & experts, and curated products – everything a mother needs for her parenting journey. Last year, Mylo launched its own D2C Brands for Mothers & Babies in personal care, premium Ayurveda and daily essentials based on community feedback and leveraging its R&D capabilities. Recently, Mylo has launched Mylo Clinic where a new or expecting mom gets access to curated health packages and can book consultations with doctors and experts. Mylo has recently raised $17 mn in Series B funding. At Mylo, the company’s vision is to – “Raise Happiness” of all mothers as “Happy moms raise happy families”. This year, Mylo has also been recognized by Forbes as the D2C Disruptor in the mother & baby space.For more info visit: mylofamily.com.

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