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Earn Higher Returns with Special Tenor: A Guide to Investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits are sound financial instruments that provide investors with stability and security of funds along with sizeable returns. Generally, low-risk and stable income instruments like fixed deposits provide lesser returns. But, if you aim to take advantage of high FD rates and safety, then you can consider choosing a financier like Bajaj Finance. Bajaj Finance is one such financier that gives you the dual advantage of lucrative FD interest rates and the security that your capital will be safe.Investing might seem like a complicated and daunting task with all the long lines at the banks and complex paperwork to submit, but Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit makes it very easy for you to invest in an FD in under a few minutes in just a few clicks. They provide offline and online investment modes. When choosing the offline method, you can visit the branch and fill in the paperwork with the assistance of a representative. However, if you choose to invest via the online method, you can do it under 10 minutes with just a few clicks.Heres a quick guide to investing online in a fixed deposit with Bajaj Finance:Visit the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit URL.Click on the Invest Now button.Fill out the online application form that requires minimal information.Provide KYC details and verify with OTP.The investment detail tab opens up. Fill in the initial deposit amount, select tenor, and payout frequency.Complete your investment by making the final payment using Net Banking or UPI.You can start investing with Bajaj Finance in just these simple steps. Apart from these simple steps, you get a suite of other benefits. Heres a lowdown of the features and benefits.1. Easy loan against FD facilityOne must be able to use your funds when you need them the most and having a contingency fund saved up is very important. However, if your savings are invested in an FD with Bajaj Finance, you can easily avail of a loan against your FD up to 75% of the FD value as collateral. You can get the liquidity you need without liquidating your investment midway. Emergencies are uncalled for and require a free flow of cash. This facility can be used as a free flow of cash that is necessary during specific situations.2. Attractive FD ratesBajaj Finance offers interest rates up to 7.35% p.a. for investors below 60 years of age. Senior citizens get an additional rate benefit of 0.25% p.a., which enables them to lock in their funds at interest rates that go up to 7.60% p.a. The interest rate remains constant throughout the tenor you can easily estimate your returns at maturity. It can help in aligning your investments with your goals. All you need to do is use the FD calculator on the Bajaj Finance website by putting in your investment payout option, tenor, and initial deposit amount and clicking on calculate. Your earnings, including your initial deposit, will be reflected on the screen. This feature is exceptionally useful for senior citizens who need to plan their expenses.Here are a few examples to help you understand the possible returns with the updated FD rates. Consider investments of Rs. 3 lakh, Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh over a tenor of 44 months.Investors below 60 years of ageInvestment amount Interest rate (p.a.)Interest earnedTotal earningsRs. 3 lakh7.35%Rs. 89,101Rs. 3,89,101Rs. 5 lakh7.35%Rs. 1,48,501Rs. 6,48,501Rs. 10 lakh7.35%Rs. 2,97,003Rs. 12,97,003Senior citizen investorInvestment amount Interest rate (p.a.)Interest earnedTotal earningsRs. 3 lakh7.60%Rs. 92,434Rs. 3,92,434Rs. 5 lakh7.60%Rs. 1,54,056Rs. 6,54,056Rs. 10 lakh7.60%Rs. 3,08,112Rs. 13,08,1123. Systematic Deposit Plan to invest monthlyAlthough you must deposit at least Rs. 15,000 to open a normal Bajaj Finance FD; there is another option to gain from FDs. You can progressively increase your money by choosing the Systematic Deposit Plan and investing just Rs. 5,000 each month. As each deposit goes toward forming a new FD at the current rates, this plan enables you to take advantage of the benefit of locking in FD rates at the time of investment.4. Multiple tenorsThe returns on your investment increase with the length of the investment. Additionally, you can earn better returns with high-interest rates. A high-interest rate and a long tenor increase your earnings. The adjustable tenor of the Bajaj Finance FD ranges from 12 to 60 months. Choose a tenor of 44 months or more to secure a higher interest rate.To help you better understand what you can expect to earn, consider an FD of Rs. 3 lakh with a tenor of 44 months.Payout modeInterest RateInterest-Earning (In Rs.)Total Earnings (In Rs.)Monthly7.35% p.a.80,8503,80,850Quarterly7.39% p.a.81,2903,81,290Half-yearly7.46% p.a.82,0603,82,060Yearly7.60% p.a.83,6003,83,600All the results mentioned above were computed using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator.Bajaj Finance is a fixed-income instrument that guarantees capital preservation and is accredited with the highest safety ratings from Indias leading credit rating agencies. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits enjoy a (ICRA)AAA (Stable), indicating the highest level of safety and lowest investment risk. BFL FDs also have a rating of CRISIL AAA/STABLE, another reason to invest.

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