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CureSkin: An AI Powered App to Help Treat and Achieve Better Skin and Haircare Health Backed by Doctors

With over 50 lakh app downloads CureSkin provides personalized and outcome driven solutions for various skin & hair conditions through the use of online based skin assessment. CureSkin solutions includeHome-delivered productsContinuous supervision from its team of doctorsPrograms to monitor diet & lifestyle advice for better skin & hair health.L to R: Ramakrishna R, Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Charu Sharma, Co-founder and Head of Dermatologist, Guna Kakulapati, Co-founder and CEOCureSkin’s treatments are evidence-based, given using photos, and supervised by its team of 20 doctors in house. They can be used either to solve problems like acne, pigmentation and hair fall, or for goal-driven skin & hair improvement over time. Cureskin doesn’t just focus on immediate problems but also helps in maintenance after the first consultation is done ensuring that results and goals for the individual are met.Use of Digital Technology CureSkin extensively uses digital technology for assessment of skin & hair health. The results are then verified by doctors to design the personalized treatments and regular follow-ups included in the program. The digital technology of Cureskin helps about 10000 patients daily.CureSkin applies deep learning-based image recognition to automatically detect conditions from photos. CureSkin’s robot detects several types of problems such as different types of acne, post-acne problems such as blemishes, spots, scars, and also conditions like dark under-eye circles, and pigmentation. This technology is built over a repository of over several millions of photos and analyses pixel-level and pore-level attributes. The technology works with different skin-types, face-angles and lighting conditions, for the most accurate representation of skin.Branded Products CureSkin has its own line of branded products which are home-delivered as part of these skin regime treatment kits. Their personalized skin health programs provide top-notch expertise, continuous care, delivered conveniently to your home. These are customized based on your photos and your individual needs so you can see the best results and experience the best care.How it worksDownload the Cureskin appTake a picture of your faceDigital technology detects the skin problem and creates a skincare routineDoctor approves it before the products for a skincare regime are shipped to a client. Usually, the kit comprises of 3-4 products which work really well for your skincare needs and the proven track record of customers has proved that it works with a large number of returning customers.About the Founder Guna Kakulapati is the Co-founder & CEO of CureSkin. The CureSkin app came out of a personal need when his son was diagnosed with a serious skin condition. In that journey, it quickly became clear that the model of a single point-in-time consultation doesn’t work for skin, and that continuous care & supervision was required to keep it healthy. Guna is a technologist who graduated from IIT-Chennai with a B-Tech Computer Science and did his Masters in University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. He worked in the US for over 11 years in top tech companies (Google, Amazon). He holds 14 patents for several technology innovations, he was part of the team that launched Amazon AWS and its several key technology components. Ramakrishna R is the co-founder & CTO of CureSkin. He pioneered the use of Artificial Intelligence to identify and monitor outcomes for various skin conditions through photos taken on mobile phones. At CureSkin, he specialises in the use of deep learning-based Computer Vision. In collaboration with dermatologists, CureSkin uses technology also to develop evidence-based personalised treatments. Ramakrishna graduated with a B-Tech in Computer Science and attended Stanford for further specialization. He has worked in Google (both US and India) for over 10 years in several deep-technology teams and in leadership roles. He was instrumental in several core projects such Google Search, Maps, and applications of AI in spam detection, YouTube etc. Dr. Charu Sharma, Co-founder & Head of Dermatology at Cureskin leads the medical team. She is a renowned dermatologist with over 19 years of experience in treating different skin and hair-fall cases. She was previously heading aesthetic dermatology in VLCC, and also had experience in launching their private line of skin-care products. Prior to that she was in Manipal Cure, and Care, and also Rinafihealda group of Skin Hair and Lifestyle Clinics as an Assistant Director.

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