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Babaji Vidhyashram Resumes NCC Activities for Students

Babaji Vidhyashram School (BVS), a prestigious academic institution in Chennai, resumes activities for NCC students appearing for the NCC qualifier exam. The school is affiliated with the CBSE curriculum and is known for its concept-based educational approach and experiential learning. BVS gives equal importance to both academic and non-academic activities, thereby making it one of the best and famous schools in Chennai. Children are encouraged to participate in many extracurricular activities, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) being one of them.”With NCC Qualifier Certificate Exams just around the corner, our school decided to resume NCC students activities. NCC teaches students to follow a disciplined life and grooms them to become patriotic citizens. Although it is not compulsory, we encourage our students to take up NCC training because it plays an instrumental role in shaping their careers,” said the spokesperson of Babaji Vidhyashram School.The spokesperson also elaborated about the Qualifier Certificate exams. “One of the main benefits our NCC students gain is the NCC certificate upon completion of training. NCC offers three certificates – A, B, and C.Cadets appearing for the A Certificate must attend 75% of the total training period. They should also have attended one Annual Training Camp. If the cadet has taken a break, it should not exceed more than twelve months at a time. In case it does, the student will require another 36 periods of training to achieve eligibility for the Certificate A Exam.Eligibility for Certificate B exam includes attendance for one Annual Training Camp. A minimum of 75% attendance in the total training period of the senior wing is another major requirement. A break in the training tenure should not exceed 18 months. If so, an additional 36 periods of training will be required for eligibility. Cadets with Certificate A are awarded ten bonus marks.””Cadets wishing to apply for C Certificate must be in the third year of Senior Division or Senior Wing NCC Training. They should also have attained Certificate B to qualify for Certificate C. A minimum of 75% attendance in the third-year syllabus is another mandatory criterion. A break in attendance should not exceed more than 18 months, or the cadet will require an additional 30 periods of training to achieve eligibility. The cadet should also have attended one Annual Training Camp in addition to any one of the following:Republic Day CampCentral Organised CampPara training campNational Training CampAll India Trekking ExpeditionAll India Mountaineering ExpeditionThe cadet should also have had Attachment Training with an Army Unit, Air Force Station, naval base, or service hospital. They should also have completed any adventure course like mountaineering, water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, foreign cruise,” the spokesperson added.He concluded by saying, “At BVS, we realise the importance of this Certificate Exam, and we train our students to pass with flying colours.”About Babaji Vidhyashram SchoolBabaji Vidhyashram is located on a sprawling campus in the up and coming suburbs of Sholinganallur, Chennai. The institution is the go-to name for students seeking admissions in top CBSE schools in Chennai. BVS believes in providing opportunities beyond classroom learning to engage in social causes and align with national goals. It is one of the reasons why the National Cadet Corps is given utmost importance as an extracurricular activity.To know more about BVS, please visit www.babajividhyashram.org.

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