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Annual ‘Soy Month’ Celebrations to Commence in April; ‘Right To Protein’ Invites All to Join Hands to Increase Awareness About the Benefits of Soybeans in Improving Protein Consumption

The dedicated protein education initiative, ‘Right To Protein’, is gearing up to celebrate the annual Soy Month in the month of April. With the focus on highlighting the role that soybeans can play in promoting sustainable food systems and protein-rich diets, the initiative is inviting everyone to join in increasing awareness and understanding about the benefits of soy, soy-based foods and soy-fed animal sources of protein (poultry, aqua).Celebrating the global annual ‘Soy Month’ to highlight the significance of sustainable food systems and protein-rich diets”Protein deficiency has been a concern in India, and it can have serious consequences for development and health. Our recent publication with Right To Protein shows that soy protein can also help to address this issue, providing a high-quality, plant-based protein source for human consumption. By promoting food innovation and consumer education, we can help to improve the protein status of our population and achieve nutrition security,” said Dr. Jagadish Pai, Executive Director of the Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI).Soybeans are a versatile and nutrient-dense legume, with a range of health benefits. Soy foods are the only plant-based source of protein containing all nine essential amino acids, making them an ideal option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. “By celebrating Soy Month in 2023, we hope to encourage research and development of soybeans, complementing millet-based products and creating opportunities for Indian farmers. This can help to create a more sustainable, equitable, and healthy food system for all, and we urge the industry to join in supporting this movement,” said Sanjay Sethi, Executive Director of the Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA), supporter of Right To Protein initiative.Additionally, soy is used as animal feed to enhance the protein content in animal-based products such as the quality of meat, poultry, and seafood that humans consumed. As part of its commitment to promoting soy-based feed, many leading poultry producers in India have voluntarily adopted the Soy-Fed Product label for animal-based packaged protein products, which helps consumers identify protein-rich livestock products. This also supports the industrys recognition of soy as a quality protein source in animal feed.D. Varun Reddy, Director, and CEO of Sneha Group, supporter of Right To Protein initiative reflected on the benefits of soy-based feed for animal nutrition and the importance of raising awareness around soy-fed animal protein sources. He added, “Soy protein is highly beneficial for animal nutrition and soybean meal is a prevalent protein feed for animals raised for human consumption. We have voluntarily adopted the Soy-Fed Product label for our animal-based protein products, setting a industry benchmark that helps customers make informed choices about the products they consume. We encourage the poultry industry to also join in on Soy Month 2023 and help raise awareness around soy-based feed and its role in quality protein consumption.””Soy has the potential to help citizens meet their protein requirements and to achieve nutrition security. For instance, soybean oil is considered healthier than many other affordable vegetable oils, while soy foods provide rich plant-based protein with all nine essential amino acids. The soy feed also makes animal protein sources richer in their protein content. The annual Soy Month celebrated in April will further educate everyone – men, women and children of all ages about the benefits of soy in its many forms, dispel myths, and highlight its potential for improving protein consumption and nutrition in our diets. Soy Month’ also aims to promote the role of soy in sustainable agriculture and food production and encourage greater consumption of these nutritious foods and promote sustainable agricultural practices that benefit both farmers and consumers”, said Deeba Giannoulis, Head of U.S. SOY Sustainability & Marketing – US Soybean Export Council, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, supporter of Right To Protein initiative.As we strive towards creating a more sustainable, equitable, and healthy food system for all, initiatives like Soy Month and International Year of Millets can make a significant contribution to the cause. About ‘Right To Protein'”Right to Protein” is a public health initiative that aims to raise awareness about the importance of protein in the diet and the right of every individual to have access to sufficient, affordable, and high-quality protein. The campaign emphasizes the role of protein in supporting good health, reducing malnutrition, and promoting sustainable development.The “Right to Protein” campaign aims to increase public understanding of the importance of protein and to encourage governments, businesses, and other organizations to prioritize protein production, distribution, and consumption in their policies and practices. This can include promoting sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry practices, supporting research and development in the field of protein science, and ensuring that people have access to a variety of affordable and nutritious protein sources. The campaign also works to raise awareness about the global burden of protein deficiency, which is a significant public health concern, particularly in developing nations. By promoting the “Right to Protein,” the goal is to improve nutrition security to improve health outcomes, reduce poverty and hunger, and support sustainable development.

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