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Amway India Repositions its Premium Skincare Brand Artistry to Visibly Healthy Beauty; Forays into Skin Nutrition Segment with the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line

Aligned with the philosophy that skin needs nutrients just like the body to be healthy, Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct-selling companies, announced the repositioning of its premium skincare brand Artistry to Visibly Healthy Beauty by foraying into skin nutrition with Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line in India.In the first phase of the launch, the company introduced an anti-aging range of renewing and firming solution sets. The new range goes beyond skincare to deliver skin nutrition fusing the power of science and nature. These products are enriched with plant-based botanicals from Nutrilite™ farms and are a paraben-free, vegan skincare line powered by cutting-edge skin science and better manufacturing processes to ensure they are pure, safe, and effective.Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line from AmwayArtistry Skin Nutrition™ Addresses 5 key Skin Nutritional Requirements that help the skin to purify, balance, rebuild, moisturize, and protect.Repair Complex in this range restores skin’s youthful-looking condition by 600%** Is a blend of Artistry skin science and Nutrilite expertise, infused with Nutrilite ingredients that are clean and traceable Enriched with White chia seeds, one of the richest plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and Protein, known to nourish skin and protect it against inflammation and UV-induced hyperpigmentation. ** Ex-VivoTalking about the repositioning of the brand and the new launch, Ajay Khanna, CMO, Amway India said, “The health-conscious consumers of today are increasingly looking for products that are enhanced with nutrients. Leveraging our expertise in nutrition with Nutrilite, a brand backed by a rich legacy of over 80 years on the plant-based approach to supplementation, it was a natural progression for us to present this skincare range derived from the best of science and best of nature with the powerful botanicals from our Nutrilite farms revealing visibly Healthy beauty. We are delighted to introduce the first phase of the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line, which includes an anti-aging range of seven products, that has a blend of Nutrilite and Artistry skin science expertise.” Further, theAnti-aging market in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.84% in the next five years, which indicates immense potential for this segment.He further added, “Past few years witnessed heightened awareness around holistic health that has given rise to an inherent need for visibly healthy skin. With more than 80% of Indian consumers preferring beauty products with a combination of chemical-free, vegan, and plant-based claims, there is a hugepotential market for quality healthy beauty products in India. With our rich expertise in Nutrition, we are confident that this new range of products will address the unmet skincare needs of our discerning consumers.”Amway India will be supporting the launch of the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line with educational sessions for the Amway Direct Selling Partners, alongside a PR and social media campaign focused on creating awareness of the category among the health-conscious consumers in the beauty space.#SkinNutritionByArtistry – Anti-Aging rangeYouTube Link: youtu.be/pN88hwEHbZcAbout Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Anti-Ageing rangeArtistry™ scientists discovered that skin looks its healthy when 5 key Skin Nutritional Requirements are addressed to purify, balance, rebuild, moisturize, and protect the skin. Under the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ range, different products address these requirements and improve skin’s healthy look with a simple regimen.The anti-aging range from Artistry Skin Nutrition™ includes Renewing and Firming Solution Sets that addresses the advanced signs of aging, including the appearance of deep wrinkles, sagging, and sallowness, resulting in smoother, revitalized, radiant look and visibly healthy skin.Artistry Skin Nutrition range rich with Botanical Ingredients from Nutrilite farms Renewing Foam Cleanser- has blend of Shiso Perilla and Aloe VeraRenewing Softening Toner- infused with White Chia Seed GelRenewing Reactivation Cream – (Powered by our Repair Complex, a blend of Nutrilite™- grown Spinach plus Turmeric and Tea Olive Flower)Renewing Reactivation Day Cream SPF 30 (Powered by our Repair Complex, a blend of Nutrilite™- grown Spinach plus Turmeric and Tea Olive Flower)Renewing Reactivation Day Lotion SPF 30 (Powered by our Repair Complex, a blend of Nutrilite™- grown Spinach plus Turmeric and Tea Olive Flower)RENEWING Reactivation Eye CreamFirming Ultra Lifting Cream – a blend of Nutrilite™- grown Spinach plus Turmeric and Tea Olive FlowerThe price ranging from INR 2699 to INR 6665, the Artistry Skin Nutrition Renewing and Firming Solution Sets are sold exclusively by Amway Direct Selling Partners across India, and to know more, visit the company’s website www.amway.in.About Amway IndiaAmway India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amway with headquarters located in Ada, Michigan, USA. Amway is the worlds #1 direct-selling company with a presence in over 100 countries & territories.Globally, Amway is 60+ years old, US$ 8.9 billion, manufacturer and direct seller of quality consumer goods. Amway’s innovation and industry-leading R&D have seen more than 750 patents granted and another 220 patents pending. Amway has more than 500 scientists, engineers, and technical professionals who extend our innovation and science capabilities through 11 locations to deliver global, regional, and local product research and development.Amway India sells more than 140 daily-use products across categories like Nutrition, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, and Consumer durables through Amway Direct Retails and Direct Sellers who make personal recommendations regarding the use of distinctive quality products. Amway products are widely recognized and appreciated for their quality and value. These products are backed by a money-back guarantee for 100% satisfaction of use.Amway products are popular not just in India but across the world. Nutrilite is the worlds No. 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand. Nutrilite has established itself as a leading brand in the vitamins and dietary supplements category in India as well.Amway India also offers ‘Attitude’, an entry-level premium skincare and cosmetics brand targeted at Indian youth. The product range has been developed taking the needs of Indian consumers into consideration.

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