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Yearbook Canvas Partners with SRCC (Delhi) to Implement One-of-its-kind Tech Solution for Branding and Marketing for the Educational Institute

Yearbook Canvas, Indias largest yearbook maker, has partnered with SRCC College, one of Indias most reputed educational institutes, to create a new way of expanding the institutes branding while building a meaningful connection with students and alumni through technology. The partnership has generated a relevant buzz among SRCCs students and alumni, enabling the institute to connect with them in a better and more efficient way.Yearbook Canvas is Indias leading merchandise, yearbook and community platform”The aim was to build a whole new experience that rethinks the branding and marketing of an educational institute,” says Vivek Vatsal, Managing Partner at Yearbook Canvas. “We’ve been enabling educational institutes to connect with their students and alumni in better ways. This time, we put our next phase into motion.” As the biggest yearbook maker in India, Yearbook Canvas is now aiming to become a tech enabler for educational institutes globally.Through this partnership, Yearbook Canvas has conceptualized a series of world-class merchandise for SRCC, which has been loved by both students and alumni. Commenting on the unique merchandise, one student said, “This is the most exciting merch I have ever had a chance to wear. Thank you YBC for becoming our creative partner.”SRCC Delhi students in Yearbook Canvas merchandiseWith its transition to a tech enabler for educational institutes, Yearbook Canvas aims to help 500 colleges this year in connecting with their students and alumni in a better, more efficient, and more meaningful way. Yearbook Canvas is assisting institutes to harness the future of marketing and additional revenue generation at zero cost. The company is thrilled to be associated with SRCC Delhi, a reputed college that has achieved great success in the field of education.”We are excited to partner with SRCC College, Delhi, to provide them with our innovative tech solutions to enhance their brand and reputation,” said Surashree Rahane, CEO of Yearbook Canvas. “We believe that our collaboration with SRCC will pave the way for the future of connection through tech for educational institutes in India.”Through its partnership with SRCC College, Delhi, Yearbook Canvas has demonstrated its commitment to revolutionizing educational institutes in India. The company is leveraging its expertise and experience to create innovative solutions that help educational institutes connect with their students and alumni in a more meaningful way.”Yearbook Canvas has helped us translate our unique identity and brand of SRCC in a very creative way and we are very happy about it,” said Divij Singh, Joint Secretary of the sports committee at SRCC. “Their innovative solutions have helped us engage with our students and alumni in a better way, and we are excited to continue working with them.”Yearbook Canvas has ambitious plans to expand globally and help every prominent educational institute connect with its students and alumni in a better way through tech, creativity, and innovation. The company is committed to making a significant impact in the field of education by providing innovative solutions that enhance the overall experience for students and alumni.AboutYearbook CanvasYearbook Canvas is Indias largest yearbook maker and a leading tech enabler for educational institutes. The company provides innovative solutions to educational institutes to help them connect with their students and alumni in a more meaningful way. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and technology, Yearbook Canvas is truly revolutionizing the education industry in India.For more information, please visit www.yearbookcanvas.com.

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