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With 200 plus Design Team and 70 percent Y-O-Y Growth, YUJ Designs becomes One of the Largest Global UX Design Companies in India

YUJ Designs, one of the top 15 global UX design agencies, has announced that it is emerging to be the largest UX design studio owing to its triumphant up-scale from 84 employees to 200 and counting in mere 15 months. The brand has witnessed a whopping 70% Y-O-Y business growth over the last year amidst the pandemic.

YUJ Designs takes pride in sharing that it is a one-of-a-kind UX design firm working with an 80%-20% designer-developer ratio which is a rare phenomenon in the UX design market worldwide. The company’s philosophy is to create and deliver 10x value to its customers by the practice of informed design. Going forward with this ideology, they strive to offer state-of-the-art services and UX design solutions to an extended customer base across the globe.

Furthermore, the company aggressively hired employees during FY 2020-2021, when every other company had seized the hiring activities. There aren’t many core UX design service companies that have this larger designer team. The exponential increase in the company’s workforce indeed reflects that they have had a sustained growth even during the turbulent times of the pandemic. They were able to attract talent across the design colleges in India. Since the pandemic began and remote work evolved, YUJ has been hiring talent without location constraint, growing into a truly global company.

Sharing his views on achieving this milestone, Mr. Samir Chabukswar, CEO & Founder, YUJ Designs, said, “200+ designers is a significant number for YUJ Designs. Our customers can now feel assured that we’ll be able to cater to their growing demands, requirements by scaling up faster. We are grateful to the clients and the entire team of YUJ Designs for this achievement. It is due to their support that we have been able to sail through tough times smoothly. Hiring more talented resources was a much-needed move owing to the growing business demand to ensure the quality and delivery of our work. In my opinion, 200 is just a number and we are raring to grow. Our ultimate goal is to deliver impact by design. This exponential growth in business and workforce will further motivate us to push our limits and increase our sales by taking on more projects.”

Speaking about the brand’s journey so far and the present landscape of the UX industry, he added, “Through our concerted efforts while working with global customers, we are trying to make 10x Impact through user experience design. We aim to bring humanness to new technological developments and provide new-age experiences. Our capability to create exponential value with our state-of-the-art offerings and the expertise of our skilled talent is what gives us an edge over the other players in the market. We are glad that we have had consistent growth and are aiming to progress all the more in the times ahead.”

Sharing his joy on this momentous occasion, Mr. Prasadd Bartakke, Co-founder and CDO, said, “When we started YUJ, we always believed in the fundamentals of design. This has always stuck with us no matter how big the next project is. These efforts have paid back in rich dividends. Even after 12 years in the industry, we see clients are extremely satisfied with the way YUJ delivers work. We want to continue this journey for sure. Boosting our business and expanding our team are indeed phenomenal achievements specifically in the global UX design industry. All we envision is growing and flourishing significantly in the times to come.”

Thriving in the UX industry with an employee-first approach, the organization has also introduced various initiatives so as to maintain a connected and engaged work culture amidst the remote working concept. Looking at the different trends, expectations of millennials, and the evolving economy, YUJ Designs has announced a Permanent WFH policy. This being one of the bolder steps taken by the company leaders. They have brought about major transformations and created a total benefits program to support the well-being of its employees. They have also introduced out-of-the-box initiatives such as leave donations for COVID-19 affected employees.

YUJ Designs recognizes the fallacy of hiring laterally. The major pitfalls of lateral hiring being a higher gap between demand and supply of good designers, the inflated salaries of designers among others. This strategy does not yield results in the long term. This led the company leaders to hire more than 50 design freshers from design schools. An initiative named YUJ-Way of Working (WoW) was introduced. These selected designers will go through the YUJ-WoW training program, to become project-ready in a couple of months.

Through this initiative, they are training the fresh graduates to become the next-gen designers that will deliver impactful design and exceptional outcomes in the form of cutting-edge solutions at YUJ Designs. This is a bold move for a design company to invest in young talent. Apart from these, the firm is also offering various up-skilling and leadership programs which have been specifically designed to train its employees and make them future-ready. In a similar fashion, YUJ Designs is also committed to improving the talent pool in the ecosystem. In the future, they are also planning to offer this program to anyone outside of YUJ, willing to upgrade their career.

Founded in 2009 by Samir Chabukswar & Prasad Bartakke, the brand works with the ideology of creating value by design. Headquartered in Pune, the company has offices in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, and Bengaluru in India. The firm offers a plethora of UX-based services ranging from UX Design and Development, Innovation and Prototyping, to UX Design Teams and 360 Degree Design Consultation.

YUJ Designs also boasts a huge client base ranging from Fortune 100 and 500 listed brands, enterprises, B2B and B2C companies. It is due to the firm’s consistent and persistent efforts that YUJ Designs has grown to be a recognized design-centric company at the global level. Ever since its inception in 2009, it has witnessed remarkable growth. It is now known for its innovative and creative UX design solutions. Throughout its journey so far, the brand has also achieved various international awards for its high-impact UX design solutions, the recent ones being for application design in the automotive and connected experience industry. The company was recently recognized for its work in the nascent EV-automobile sector in India. YUJ has won several prestigious awards such as Red Dot Awards 2020, Emobility+ Smart Tech-Innovation in 2021, and is nominated for UXDA 2021.

For more information, please visit: www.yujdesigns.com

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