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Ur24Technology Launches New and Unique ‘TrueClr’ External Catheter Line

Business Wire IndiaUr24Technology Inc., a privately held medical device company, has launched the TrueClr catheter product line – offering physicians, nurses and patients a choice that will eliminate catheter-associated urinary tract infections in hospitals, increase patient comfort and quality of life, and lower health care costs.

The first external catheter designed to actively empty the bladder, the new latex-free TrueClr product line for adults and children will be showcased at Medica 2022, one of the world’s leading medical trade fairs, in Dusseldorf, Germany from Nov. 13-17.

Dr. Jon Meliones, M.D., FCCM, medical director at Ur24Technology, said: “I am convinced the TrueClr external catheters will fundamentally revolutionize medical practices. It’s an active elimination system vs. passive – the only catheter of its kind in the world.” Dr. Meliones will be a featured speaker at Medica 2022.

US data shows that internal catheters are associated with 80 percent of hospital-related urinary tract infections, which cost the health care system an estimated $450 million yearly. Nearly 13,000 deaths annually are related to internal catheters. Key features of the TrueClr product line include:

Eliminates internal catheter-associated urinary tract infections
Uses light, continuous section
Non-invasive, non-adhesive, comfortable
Leak proof design
Avoids urine contact with skin
Eliminates skin irritation and inflammation
Portable & reusable – in hospitals or at home, with easy cleaning
Covered under Medicare Part B, DME reimbursement


Ur24 Technology has a strategic partnership with Miami-based DemeTECH Corp. to manufacture and distribute TrueClr products in the US and internationally, using its distribution network in 132 countries. The companies will jointly promote TrueClr, which will be co-branded, at Medica 2022.

About Ur24Technology, Inc.

Ur24Technology, Inc. is a privately held medical device company located in Southern California that was founded in 2016 by Landon Duval. Five different external catheter prototypes were researched, designed and developed – leading to the TrueClr external catheter range of products. These revolutionary products perfectly fit the company’s core mission: to improve patient care through innovation.

Learn more at www.ur24technology.com or call 1-833-448-7248.

About DemeTECH Corp.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, DemeTECH, is a world-renowned leader in surgical sutures, mesh and bone wax. DemeTECH strives to enhance doctor-patient relationships through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to the pursuance of cutting-edge technology and innovation. DemeTECH’s N95 masks and TrueClr external catheters are made in the USA with American materials.

Learn more at https://demetech.us


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