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Tradexa Offers 2 Years of Free Platform Access Worth 1.2 Crore to Emerging Brands to Build and Expand their Online Presence

Tradexa, a full-stack e-commerce enabler recently announced a new program aimed at empowering emerging brands to build and expand their online presence. The company is offering free access to its online trading platform for a period of two years, allowing new brands to leverage the power of technology to grow and scale their brand online.Tradexa”We understand that new brands face many challenges, particularly when it comes to building a strong online presence,” said Ramesh Jhajharia, CEO and Co-founder of Tradexa. “Our goal is to help these brands overcome these challenges by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. By offering free access to our platform for two years, we hope to empower brands to build a strong foundation online and achieve their growth objectives.”Under the program, early-stage enterprises will receive the following services at no cost for 2 years:Brand go-to-market strategy for eCommerce (Price – Rs. 5 L)Brands online webstore with advanced marketing capabilities: One-time cost to develop the e-commerce engine (Price – Rs. 20 L).Monthly charges for maintenance and cloud charges (Price – Rs. 1.2 L/month)One time cost to develop mobile apps for D2C (Price – Rs. 8 L)Mobile apps updates and maintenance (Price – Rs. 20 K/month)An enterprise solution to manage products, inventory, CRM, marketing, accounting, warehousing, and logistics (Price – Rs. 1.5L /month)Marketing automation solution (Price – Rs. 20K/month)Digital advertising recommendation engine that recommends which product to advertise and sell on which channel using Tradexa’s machine learning algorithms (Price – Rs. 50K/month)Apart from providing a platform for new brands, Tradexa also facilitates brands to sell their products directly on their marketplace with minimal or nominal margins. Tradexa takes care of the fulfilment of all orders received on their marketplace through their retail partners. At a monthly cost of just Rs. 20,000, Tradexa offers a comprehensive range of services including store management, digital marketing, digital advertising, product information management, social media management, SEO, graphic design, and customer engagement. The company boasts of expanding into a new industry every two months and having the capability to digitize up to 5000 retailers every three months.”We strongly believe that the future of commerce is not just limited to eCommerce, online commerce, or offline commerce. Its about omnichannel, and brands that adapt to this trend are going to thrive in the years to come. Our experience of working with various brands has shown us that there is a significant shift in customer behaviour, and many of them are achieving higher sales on their D2C store rather than selling their products on established e-commerce platforms. Similarly, a lot of our brand partners have doubled their revenue in just 6 months once they were onboarded on the Hyperinventory platform and advertising services of Tradexa. To support this evolution, we are offering omnichannel solutions, connecting brands with consumers through all the channels,” said Jhajharia.Tradexa currently handles end-to-end eCommerce operations for several international billion-dollar brands and operates two industry-specific marketplaces with an impressive 90% onboarding rate for participating brands.About Tradexa Launched in 2019, Tradexa is an eCommerce technology company trusted by more than 70 international brands. It facilitates the linking and selling on numerous e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon and Flipkart, and makes it easier for brands, manufacturers and distributors to introduce new products in Indian Market and grow faster without worrying about setting up initial cost and performance of the distribution network. It provides predictive analytics for sales forecasting and distribution, and it allows the sales team to promote and communicate with customers about new products.More details at: www.tradexa.in.

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