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Tirex and Power Grid to Deploy 45 Charging Stations Across India

Business Wire IndiaHuman life across the globe has witnessed a sea change during the post-2019 era. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world has changed the conventional flow of life. People learned to keep social distance as a mandatory part of their lives, and most get habituated to working from a home set-up. The World has termed it as the ‘New Normal’. The human race has welcomed this change to fight against the Covid-19 virus.
However, the issue of climate change is way more deadly than the pandemic and can bring severe consequences. If correct measures are not taken, it can be the sole reason behind the extinction of the human race. Another ‘New Normal’ is needed to fight against climate change which must include stopping the use of fossil fuels to reduce the carbon emission in the air. The easiest way to adopt this change is to switch to an electric vehicle (EV).
India has a present population of more than 1.3 billion that uses more than 295 million vehicles running on fossil fuels. The need of keeping a social distance is even encouraging nuclear middle-class families to own a vehicle nowadays. But the sky-rocketing price of fuels in India is stopping them in many cases, and people are gradually inclining toward electric vehicles. However, the biggest dilemma in an owner’s mind is where to charge their electric vehicle. People are sceptical about the thought of the availability of EV charging stations.
A proper EV charging infrastructure is the key factor to boost this transition. Tirex Transmission Pvt. Ltd., one of the pioneers in the EV charging industry in India since 2017, is paving this path of transition. They have already installed more than two hundred EV charging stations across PAN India. Tirex has supplied EV chargers to esteemed organisations like NTPC & Ashok Leyland. They also have global experience working with the Finnish company, Fortum. All of these achievements make them one of the most reliable OEMs for EV chargers in India.
The government of India is implementing projects to grow a proper EV charging infrastructure.  The government is depending on the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, the largest power transmission utility company of India to be a part of growing such infrastructure.
The bonding between Tirex and Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is old enough. The duo has installed 10 EV charging stations in the remote areas of the North-Eastern part of India way back in 2019. A new project by the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is planning to deploy forty-five EV charging stations across the nation. As expected, Tirex Transmission Pvt. Ltd. is the front runner to supply their best in class DC fast chargers in the market for this upcoming project.
The best part is that these DC fast chargers will be of high capacity. These 60kW Chargers with the provision of two CCS (Combined Charging System) type output connectors. That will allow charging more than one vehicle simultaneously by using shared power. That will help to avoid long queues in the EV charging stations. These chargers will be compatible with most new-age electric vehicles available in India like Tata’s Nexon & Tigor; Hyundai’s Kona; Morris garages’ ZS; Mercedes Benz’s EQC; Jaguar’s I-PACE; and BYD’s E6 to name a few.
Projects like this will significantly strengthen the EV charging infrastructure in India. That will help gain the confidence of the buyer to switch to an electric vehicle. That in turn, will immensely help to save the environment by improving the air quality index. 

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