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This Indian Sodamaker Brand is Doing its bit to Reduce Plastic Pollution using Reusable Bottles

A recent study by Oceana, a global organization focused on ocean conservation, found that around 34 billion single use plastic bottles generated by the soft drinks industry are discarded in the ocean every year. The report suggests that just a 10% increase in reusable bottles can help reduce ocean PET plastic pollution by almost 7.6 billion bottles or 22%. With single-use plastic bottles dominating the carbonated beverage industry, reusable bottles are a key driver in reducing plastic pollution.

Mr. Butler Sodamakers run without electricity and leave zero impact on the environment

Mr. Butler, Asias first and largest Sodamaker, directly contributes to the cause of reducing plastic waste. The companys Sodamakers focus on reusing bottles to decrease waste generated. Sodamakers help make soda or sparkling water at home, using reusable bottles without the need of electricity or batteries.

“On an average, each household typically disposes at least 3-4 single-use plastic bottles in a day. While entertaining, the waste disposed can increase to 20 bottles plus. Using Sodamakers not only eliminates the waste generated, but it also is more economical, as a litre of soda made in a Sodamaker costs just Rs. 6, whereas a litre of PET soda purchased from the store costs around 30,” said Mr. Adith Mammen, CEO of Mr. Butler.

In the past year, Sodamaker concept has shown an upward trend due to factors such as Social Distancing, Work from Home, Do-It Yourself, eating healthy etc.

He further added, “Today, people are more conscious about health, hygiene and wellness. Soft drinks are loaded with sugar, typically contain artificial flavours and the source of water and ingredients used are not clearly listed in the packaging. As opposed to this, Sodamakers allow users to create sparkling water and soda using their own water and ingredients. Further, you can tailor the strength of your fizz and your own dilution ratio of various flavours.”

“We are proud to offer a concept that ticks so many boxes – health, cost, convenience and personalisation. We are also proud of our customers – each user of the Sodamaker saves thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in waste,” says Adith.

Besides Sodamakers, Mr. Butler also produces other eco-friendly hydration related products such as glass bottles, copper bottles, thermosteel bottles and BPA-free PET bottles. Sodamaker and accessories are available at select retailers around the country and online marketplaces such Amazon and Flipkart.

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