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The Authentic Taste of Punjab Emanates for the True Punjabis in Bangalore with Hoy Punjab

An offshoot of 11THZENSE Foods Pvt. Ltd., a fresh air of an independent world inspired by Punjab’s boldness in the Bangalore matrix, invites you to try one of the finest culinary experiences of life. Hoy Punjab is a celebration of the rich and diverse experience of authentic Indian and North West Frontier Punjabi cuisine. The restaurant takes folks into a happy world of elite ambience mixed with the depiction of Punjab’s vibrant heritage, ecstatic green fields, divine integrity, lionhearted attitude, and unparalleled culinary prominence.Alphonso Francis, Harris Ali BB, Deepak Yadav, Manikanta BongaralaWith the supremacy to suit and satiate every palate, Punjabi cuisine turns every being into a big-time foodie. From sense-awakening Tandoori kebabs to luscious creamy curries, the restaurant follows Punjab’s legacy of uniting a vast variety of culinary styles due to the state’s location at the crossroads of the silk route. The guests get a lot of options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu with various shades of flavours, tastes, and textures.To take you through time and experience the grandeur of the Sikh Kingdom, while exploring and reviving the rich culinary history of the State, the restaurant reflects “Punjab” in Persian means (The Land of) Five Rivers. Thus, the menu at Hoy Punjab covers the rich agricultural regions surrounding the rivers to create precious memories over the dining table to enjoy the food and one can notice it in the decor too.The restaurant is a paradise for North Indians, corporates, and North Indian Cuisine lovers, as it feels like a time-machine drive straight to Punjab’s homely atmosphere, rich heritage, and glorious victories. The restro is a soulful escape for people of all age groups, families, and couples, to spend quality time relishing the most wonderful food out there. The menu is crafted with a vigilant selection of an endless range of Punjabi traditional, Italian, and Oriental dishes.The designed menu of Punjabi Cuisine and curries are the embodiment of Punjabiyat – rich, robust and full of life. They are known for their bold texture and vibrant ingredients which have made them popular across borders and continents. The bespoke menu includes signature dishes like Paneer Ka Soola, Paneer Tikka Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala etc.”We serve the best of Punjabi cuisine, with great ambience and an awesome team. Our passion is to serve great food with deep cultural roots combining the attributes of Quality, Authenticity, and Service,” said Mr. Alphonso Francis, the CEO of Hoy Punjab.”We are very excited to open the doors of Hoy Punjab in Bangalore as we are prepared to embark on a journey through our rich and diverse history of authentic punjabi cuisine, as well as the many delicacies from around the world, all under the roof of Hoy Punjab,” said Harris Ali BB, Founder and Managing Director, Hoy Punjab.The restaurant adds further delight to its heartfelt setting with stimulating Punjabi Folk and Fusion music. After Bangalore, Hoy Punjab is soon getting launched in all major cities including Kochi, Calicut, Trivandrum, and Hyderabad. The restaurant pays a passionate tribute to the great history and sparkling unity of Punjab with its flavorful extensive menu, exuberant interiors, and progressive aura.About 11THZENSE Foods Pvt. Ltd.11THZENSE Foods Pvt. Ltd., is a hospitality management company with a primary focus on F&B services. The company currently operates multiple brands in Kerala, Bangalore, Lucknow, and the Maldives, which include Hoy Punjab, Naga’s, Momo & Me, Hottey Smokey Sizzlers, Kababji Cafe, and Fujian Express. With planned operations in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Dubai, and the UK, 11THZENSE Foods looks forward to spreading its wings across major cities in India and overseas.With a focused & integrated methodology, the company has a far-sighted roll-out plan to achieve superior results. The company has a tradition of being in touch with the guests and getting their feedback regularly to maintain a stable quality of food as per consumer preferences. A sound & systematic plan for the best execution and delivery ensures smooth operations. Not just the food, the company confirms the overall experience is top-notch for customer satisfaction and is value for money.

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