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The Art of Living Announces Mission Zindagi – A Volunteer Driven Service Initiative for COVID Relief

As India grapples with a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions, The Art of Living has been working round the clock to provide immediate material as well as spiritual support to communities affected by the pandemic. Under the guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the organization has announced Mission Zindagi, a volunteer driven pan-India service initiative which will match requests from those seeking information on COVID relief with information from relief and service providers, bringing all the ongoing work being done by the Art of Living volunteers in various parts of the country under one roof. Artists and professionals from the film and TV fraternity, various philanthropists are all joining hands in this noble initiative.

Mission Zindagi

The service initiative was announced on Thursday, following a global meditation and chanting for peace and healing with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, where 4.5 lakh people joined together virtually, on the occasion of Gurudev’s 65th birthday. Gurudev while addressing volunteers and teachers encouraged everyone to meditate every day to deal with the impact of the pandemic. “Meditation brings solace and strength. Those who are sad they need solace and those who feel weak to handle situation, they need strength. Meditation gives you both,” Gurudev said in his virtual address. He also acknowledged the contribution of thousands of Art of Living volunteers in these dire times.

The Art of Living Volunteers have already been serving people and families affected by COVID-19 in several cities across India on a war footing by ensuring that information on availability of hospital beds, oxygen supply, cooked food, doctor consultation and the much needed guidance on mental health reaches the needy on time. Now all these diverse initiatives are being rolled out across the country for wider and smoother outreach.

Seven verticals of COVID relief will be covered under this mission:

Hospital: Hospital updates related to availability of oxygen and non-oxygen beds.

Arranging for donation of oxygen cylinders & concentrators and information on their availability.

Connect ambulances for emergencies.

Doctor: Connecting with Doctors on call for consultation on cases of mild COVID and home isolation.

Connect with local food suppliers & providers.

Connecting with sources of Ayurvedic medicines.

Mental Health: Meditation and Yoga Workshops, along with counseling for all age groups. All the services will be available on www.artofliving.org/mission-zindagi for public from 17th May 2021.

Apart from the above initiative, The Art of Living has launched an essential series of 3 protocols of asanas, meditation and breathing practices or pranayama for different categories of people to boost their immunity, improve their mental resilience and bring a semblance of peace and quiet. Link for the programs: aoliv.in/fightcorona)

The Art of Living and its partner organization International Association for Human Values is working to provide essential medical equipment and other essential relief to government hospitals treating COVID patients. Here is the ongoing summary of the project work:

IAHV is working with the State and District governments pan India to identify the local requirements, raise funds through its partner network, sourcing the medical equipment and setting up COVID Care Centres (CCC) and distributing the medical supplies to the local government authorities.

During this second wave, IAHV with the support of its partners has thus far organized:

3000 Oxygen Concentrators.

20 Million Masks.

100 Ventilators.

Sri Sri University has set up a 100-bed COVID Care facility with all the necessary requirements to treat COVID positive patients.

The Art of Living and IAHV, with the support of the Government of Telangana, has opened a 200 bed COVID Isolation Facility at NAC, Hitex in Hyderabad.

A COVID Care Center is being set up in Delhi.

Volunteers have so far assisted in 50000+ free tele-consultations through Doctors on Call service. The team is committed to do more for the country

SSRVM, Cherthala has temporarily handed over the building to Panchayat to facilitate setting up of a Domiciliary COVID Care Unit.

Cooked meals distribution to COVID positive patients in Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh.

Anxiety helpline 08067612338

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