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Sugu Fabrics and Linings Introduces Reusable Washable Anti-Bacterial Disinfecting Fabric

Sugu Fabrics and Linings, a 17-year-old Indian non-woven manufacturer, has announced the launch of a new product: Antibacterial multiple times reusable and washable fabric. The fabric comes in different embossed textures for better aesthetic appeal. Also, the company has started converting the fabric into dry wipes and bed sheets for hospitals under the brand name ‘Hilsan’. The wipes come in three different formats: rolls, 4-fold form, and single-use disposable wipes for women to clean public toilets surfaces. The fabric can be sterilized in an autoclave before use, making Hilsan brand bedsheets a perfect choice for hospitals.Reusable Washable Anti-Bacterial Disinfecting Fabric by Sugu Fabrics and Linings​Unlike the anti-bacterial wet wipes available in the market, the Hilsan anti-bacterial wipes are reusable and washable. They are coated with nano particles using advanced nano technology and can last up to 100 washes, with maximum efficiency recommended for 50 washes. The product is effective in inhibiting bacterial and viral growth by 95%, breaking down the cell bodies of bacteria to prevent further growth and eliminating odour.Sugu Fabrics and Liningspromoter, Mr. Manish Gulati, stated that, “The Hilsan range of products is manufactured in India and the company is in connection with few foreign companies in Japan and Europe to export the product. The company is taking the product to the international platform and participating in the Index Exhibition in Geneva from 18-21 April, 2023. The Hilsan range can be used on multiple surfaces, including wood, plastic, and marble. It can also be used on germ hotspots like toys, bathroom fixtures, and door handles. The material used in the fabric is non-corrosive to metal and does not cause irritation to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.”Sugu Fabrics and Linings is a trusted manufacturer and exporter of non-woven needle-punch fabrics, tailoring accessories for garments, and many more. The companys vision is to choose sustainably made fabrics for hygiene products to protect the planet while prioritizing health and well-being. They use recycled, regenerative, oxo-degradable, and fully recyclable materials in the production of non-woven wipes fabric to reduce environmental impact. The companys Antibacterial reusable and washable wipes are available on www.antibacterialwipes.in.

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