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Success Pact Redefines Recruitment Landscape, Connecting AI Visionaries with Top Talent

Success Pact, a major recruitment firm, has established new standards in sourcing talent for AI-driven startups. The agency which specializes in sourcing high-quality professionals in various industries has set a new milestone by helping a fintech startup, Niti.AI in finding great talent that fulfills their requirements. Niti.AI, a fin-tech startup that revolutionizes digital channels for traditional players and Fintech to deliver data-driven recommendations, faced a hurdle in finding a team of highly competent engineers, designers, and data scientists who could bring their vision to life. Success Pact provided them with assistance by finding ideal candidates that bring potential growth to the company.In 2022, veterans Hari Subramanian and Aravind R. got on a mission to revolutionize the fintech industry. They built a startup Niti.AI to transform and re-establish a delightful user experience. Hari has a wealth of knowledge in the technology sector. He has worked for top-tech companies like Uber, Amazon and VMware. Aravind R. also has ample expertise working in the same renowned companies like Uber and Microsoft and has a Ph.D. in Computer Science. From their shared belief and experience, AI possesses the power to transform the financial sector. This vision led them to take on the challenge of building a platform. Their platform revolutionizes digital channels for traditional players and Fintech to deliver data-driven recommendations, automation and customer journeys that delights users while saving time and money for the Fintechs.The folks at Niti.AI are committed to being different from other Fintechs and financial institutions in their commitment to bringing personalized, automated and user-centric experiences in comparison to traditional boring, repetitive technology for their users. Their demand was to create a user experience (UX) with a fresh approach that directs more toward their customer’s needs.Speaking on this, Preet Sirohi, Founder of SuccessPact, said, “We know that for the success of a startup like Niti.AI, it needs a team of people who are not only highly skilled but also deeply committed to the companys values and goals. As a recruitment agency, our ultimate aim is to connect great talent with great Firms. We are passionate about helping these startups source the top talent they need to fuel their growth and achieve their ambitious goals. It’s not just about finding candidates with the right technical skills but also about finding people who are passionate about the potential of AI and its impact on finance.”Success Pact has shown excellence in bringing out potent talent to such AI-driven startups in requirement. They also assist top-tier managers and CTOs to enhance their organizations expertise and analytical skills. The company’s recruiters have well-versed knowledge and understanding of the tech industry and choose the right candidate for the right job. Their negotiating skills can help any startup find exceptional talent at a fair price. Niti.AI faced difficulty in getting engineers and data scientists who could work on this new technology. Success Pact went above and beyond their responsibility to find the perfect candidates to work on their projects. The recruitment firm used different recruiting methods, which included targeted advertising, networking, and referrals.Hari Subramanian, the Founder of Niti.AI, said,”Since the beginning of our engagement with Successpact, their team has been a true extension of our core team in looking after our hiring needs. Our aim was to assemble a stellar team that almost every other company would want to hire too. Our bar for the founding team was set very high. However, Success Pact has been a godsend recruitment firm with strong ethics and high-class recruitment facilities. They took on the challenge with utmost sincerity and got us the candidates we strived for. Success Pact was proactive during the recruiting with frequent follow-ups and just staying on top of their game.”

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