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Stay Fit While Indoors, Join Fitelo 100-Day Wellness Challenge, Free of Cost

This pandemic has been a true revolution in many terms. While some tried to profit from the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, several others extended a helping hand on social media, connecting people to oxygen, hospital beds, and other supplies.

Fitelo Community

And we realized there is no alternative to staying fit – both physically and mentally. Since gyms were closed, people scrambled online – checking out online fitness sessions, youtube videos, fitness influencers, etc., where everyone had their own set of guidelines.

Fitelo, however, took a unique approach to this and launched a 100-day wellness challenge looping in Doctors, Mind Coaches, Dieticians, Yoga and Workout Experts, Disease, Skin & Hair Experts, etc., on one platform.

A public Facebook group was launched with a singular goal – help the community achieve all-round wellness, absolutely free of cost. In the group, fitness experts share 3 daily tasks, at 8 am, 1 pm, and 8 pm respectively. These tasks range from simple tasks like setting up bed to limiting exposure to screens, from yoga exercises to mental health, from skincare to sitting posture, and much more.

Within a week, the community has grown from 0 to 1600+ members, purely organically, and through word of mouth.

Fitelo Co-founder & CEO, Sahil Bansal, stated, “Once the second COVID wave took shape and gyms started closing doors, the community lacked guidance on staying fit. We started releasing free diet, exercise, and stress-related guidance through our social media channels. Within April alone, our content had reached over 3 million people.”

“There were thousands of posts across social platforms that claimed to offer some sort of health advice and tackle COVID-19. But a central access to quality fitness guidance was missing. And hence we launched this Facebook group, where our team of experts started sharing dietary recommendations, exercises to do, and how to keep the mind healthy, in easy to consume, 3 daily tasks,” said Dietitian Mac (Mehakdeep Singh), Co-founder & COO, Fitelo.

The group is free to join for anyone, with access to Fitelo’s team of health experts. And if required, one to one consultations are also available, without any charges.

While many CSR initiatives are being explored, this step by Fitelo can be a cue for other brands to extend a helping hand towards the community.

Fitelo, based out of Chandigarh, helps people stay fit from the comfort of their homes. The company has a dedicated team of 50+ dieticians, exercise coaches, and mind coaches, supporting fitness initiatives in over 12 countries across the globe.

Heres the link to join Fitelos group: Fitelo Community – Facebook.

For more information, please visit www.fitelo.co.

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