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Sri Adhikari Brothers Lead Support for Women Employment Across All Roles in Film and TV Production

The media industry is one of the most influential and thought leading industries in the country. For years, the industry and its flag bearers have been proponents of equal opportunities for all.

Yet there still exist some gaps in the actual working of the industry that need to be corrected. Taking lead in this endeavor is Markand Adhikari, Chairman and MD of Sri Adhikari Brothers Group.

“Media industry has progressed leaps and bounds in its thought process since the day I started my journey over 3 decades back. We have seen women take up pivotal roles in Media across sectors including content, creative, sales and marketing and moreā€¦ yet there exist areas that have been ignored lower down in the hierarchy. This is especially true in the roles of support staff, beginning with essential crew mix for all productions.”

Mr. Adhikari pointed out that the very role is named such that it has the male gender affixed to its tile, thereby creating occupation limitations for the female gender. He added that there are several roles that almost never use women and are limited by its title also, such as spot boys, light man etc.

Further he pointed out that several such roles have been historically governed by memberships to associations. “I have personally written to several such associations and will continue to do so urging them to make a change to such archaic policies.”

To make a direct and rapid impact to the same, Sri Adhikari Brothers will immediately start to employ women in roles where they have been ignored for all their ongoing digital content and film productions.

“I urge all business leaders, production houses and industry influencers to make similar changes to their productions and support equal employment opportunities for all in the industry, across all roles and levels in the industry,” Mr. Adhikari concluded.

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