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Second Motion Poster of Movie Hindutva Launched with Great Response

Filmmaker Karan Razdan has launched the second motion poster of his movie Hindutva which is slated to release on 7th of October in theaters across the country. The movie has been garnering a lot of attention with its storyline and the strong title. Razdan, who has written films like Dilwale, Trimurti, Dushmani, Diljale and directed films like Girlfriend and Mr. Bhatti on Chutti, feels very strongly about the message that his forthcoming film is carrying.Second Motion Poster of Movie HindutvaDelving more into the story of Hindutva, Karan Razdan says, “The movie is but obviously political in nature. While there is student politics in the movie, Hindutva also focuses on the politicization of the word Hindutva. Some politicians for their personal gains have brought this word into a lot of disrepute, not only in India but also globally. This became such a cause of concern for me that I decided to make a film with this very word Hindutva as its title. This misrepresentation of the word Hindutva would also bring all Hindus into disrepute all over the world which in turn would affect the reputation of our country. When the image of a country is tarnished, naturally the global investors are going to be vary about investing in such a nation. This has deeply disturbed me and I wanted to do something about this hence the movie. So Hindutva, my film, wants to stop the politicization of this word Hindutva.”Produced by Jaikara Films and Pragunbharat, the film is written, produced and directed by Karan Razdan. The movie stars talented actors such as Aashiesh Sharrma, Sonarika Bhadoria, Ankit Raj, Govvind Namdev, Dipika Chikhlia, Anup Jalota, Agast Annand, Satish Sharma amongst others.

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