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Save Your Wooden Ambience From Monsoon Splash

Business Wire IndiaStylish, designer woodwork or furniture is a luxurious choice that adds rustic regal warmth to your home. From centuries, wood has been one of the most prominent products used in construction. From décor to pillar, floors and furniture, wood can add élan to anything and any space. The biggest fear for the woodwork & furniture is how to keep it good as new for the coming years. Moisture is the worst enemy of wood; even the slightest splatter can steal away the texture, making your floors and furniture appear old and ragged.
To save you from most of your time worrying what to do when rain strikes, Mr. Satinder Chawla, Managing Director, Span Floors and Mr. Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA “a leading brand of engineered waterproof boards and HDF laminated wooden floors” shares a few tips on how to keep your Wood floors safe from moisture during monsoons.
Wood floors can be a great option as a flooring material. However, they require certain care as regards moisture so as to perform at their best. Particularly during monsoon seasons, the following tips can help to ensure your wood floor remains in good condition. Mr. Chawla adds, “It’s really important to check for the drainage and seal. Do a check of your drainage area in your balconies and make sure that rain water can drain out easily.  Also, ensure that your windows and door frames are properly sealed. A good quality sealant does not cost much but goes a long way in ensuring your rooms stay free of rain water.”
Rearranging the furniture and giving breather to your woods is an essential part of the care of wooden furniture in monsoon. Mr. Aggarwal suggests, “As moisture softens the surface, try to lift heavy furniture products instead of pulling or dragging them for avoiding scratching or abrasions. Using a floor protector on the bottom of every furniture item is advisable in order to prevent the originality of the surface. Also, a good ventilation system is a must in to-do list of wood care in monsoon. There should be enough cross-ventilation to allow fresh air coming in. Else, the humidity already present can cause dampness.”
We all know monsoons can be complicated because we all love the rains and also understand that it can damage our wooden flooring and furniture. Nonetheless woodwork enhances the interiors of a home; it can also absorb moisture, feel damp and get damaged easily. Hence, it is important to be ready to save your woodwork in monsoon and with these tips from our experts you can always be ready to embrace the beauty of monsoons without the fear of damaging your lovely wooden floors and furniture.
Basics are necessary – Not every wooden floors have high water resistant and abrasion resistant properties like Action Tesa HDF wooden flooring which comes with upto 25 years of warranty therefore water dirt and dust make the floor surface rough and give a dull look, especially in the monsoon when moisture is also present in the air. One can avoid it by daily sweeping, mopping or vacuuming for removing dust. Even a damp mopping is also good but not on a daily basis. One should use a soft cloth for wiping the floor dry after doing the damp mopping. Remember that laminated flooring can expand if extra water is present on the surface. So, one must place the doormats at every entryway of your home for collecting extra dust and water.
Control Humidity – During monsoons, depending on where you live, the humidity in the air may become very high. This can lead to some movement in your wood floor which may lead to some creaking noise. When the humidity goes down, this should go away. If it does not, contact your flooring installers for necessary handling. Humidity can be controlled by using air conditioning.
Avoid Soaps based Detergent – Use of soap-based detergents type of products should be avoided as these are harmful to the shininess of the floor. Mixing half a cup of vinegar and a gallon of water results as a good cleaning agent and can be made at home.
Barrier between room and bathroom – It is always a good idea to have a stone barrier between your attached bathrooms and the room. Your cleaning staff may use water carelessly and slowly it may continue to seep below your wood floors without being noticed. This may lead to creaking noises, mould and in worse cases, may damage the flooring planks.

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