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Rust-X Shows 70 Percent Hike in Demand as India becomes the Preferred Destination for Global Car Manufacturers

Rust-X, the global leader in providing VCI Corrosion Prevention Solutions across steel and automotive industries has experienced a huge surge in demand from US and Europe, especially in the automotive exports sector. The rise in demand is led by extra caution being exercised by companies where a lot of demand has shifted from other Asian countries to India. One of the main reasons for this shift is strong virtual marketing drives conducted by the company during lockdown and innovation of VCI dry-packaging as an anti-rust solution which is a unique technology provided by Rust-X.

Advantage of VCI dry-packaging over conventional packaging method is that covering of automotive parts using dry to touch oils and VCI packaging requires no cleaning/washing of the parts before assembly. This decreases the contaminants and brings in humongous cost savings derived from logistics, labor and washing that is incurred by the vehicle manufacturers.

It is one of the fastest-growing rust preventive packaging and liquids manufacturer which adheres to the principle of #sustainability i.e. finding ways to align business goals with reducing carbon footprint and thereby creating value for society and the environment. Consequentially, the company is investing in water-based and #bio-degradable products to minimize the industry’s impacts on the environment. It has invested largely in its #Intellectual-Property through wide registrations in patent and trademarks nationally and internationally for its products Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors or VCI Technology making products like VCI Papers, VCI Liquids, VCI Plastics, and VCI Emitters & Desiccants, Anti Counterfeit Packaging, Dry Packaging and Additives for short and long-term preservation.

According to Mr. Leonard Parker, VP Sales & Sustainability, Rust-X USA, “Our strength lies in our in-depth knowledge about Corrosion, its prevention, and the ability to provide a guaranteed solution to our clients. With an excellent track record on Corrosion Prevention, we are proud to have 100% customer loyalty based on the levels of our product quality, pricing and service. We are also an environmentally conscious company that tries to utilize sustainable processes.”

We have a team of engineers in every state of the country, who are dedicated to provide end to end customer support to meet their R&D requirements. Besides India, the organization has an excellent support network in Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, South Africa and China.

Rust-X, is the global leader in Corrosion Prevention Technology, has 7 manufacturing facilities in India, approx. 4,000 customers, manufacturing in 4 continents, and presence in around 45 countries.

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