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RUBIKA Proclaims Lyricist Gulzar Saab to Join Advisory Panel

Its a gratifying moment for RUBIKA, the worlds leading creative school specialized in animation, video games, and industrial design as the legendary lyricist, writer, poet of India, Gulzar Saab, joins the scientific advisory committee of the institution.

L to R: Dr. Manoj Singh CEO RUBIKA India and Lyricist, Poet, Filmmaker Gulzar Saab

Dr. Manoj Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of RUBIKA, India, grabbed the chance to announce and seize the landmark association of the institution with the legendary poet. He was extremely happy and gratified to announce the plethora of learning opportunities the students and the faculty members will get, especially in the field of direction, animation, narratives, and poems, as the institution now have the guidance and leadership of the most prestigious and reputed man of the Indian film industry on the board. Highlighting his writing skills and mesmerizing thoughts that he has delivered to the world, which has made us explore various issues related to the ecology, the cosmos, social issues, human-animal interactions, personal reflection, and relationships, Mr. Gulzaars contribution of more than six decades has added a new life to the Indian cinemas.

Gulzar joins the scientific advisory panel of RUBIKA, India

YouTube Link: youtu.be/Fu_5Aoe84mA.

He added, “Who doesnt know the Oscar-winning song of Slumdog millionaire Jai ho, or the famous jingle jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala haiā€¦ Gulzar Saab has impacted everyones life through his fascinating, hypnotizing, and profound skills. Our association with him will unlock new doors of opportunities for the students to explore the fields of storytelling, narratives, creative writing, and direction. The institution anticipates some short animation films by the students based on his writings as a part of the program.” He also mentioned that RUBIKA would wish to take his work further through the medium of animation and games.

Mr. Stephane Andre, the CEO of RUBIKA France, has also honored the presence of Gulzar Saab and shared a welcoming video message for him. “We are indeed privileged and lucky to have Mr. Gulzar with us. His presence will mean better cultural experiences for those learning or teaching at RUBIKA. His creative inputs will help the institution grow and have diverse cultural exploration.”

Surprisingly, Gulzar Saab, while interacting with a journalist at a virtual press conference, shared his extreme happiness, to be a part of the institution having a high echelon in the educational sector. He shared, “Im happy to see my work and contribution adding value to the education sector. Todays generation needs attractive animation skills to express their views and reach the audience. Im glad that my work has inspired some young talents to exhibit creative skills and emotions. Working with RUBIKA, which is worldwide famous for its distinctive pedagogy with training in the field of animation and gaming, is interesting.”

Gulzar Saab is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including one Grammy Award, and has contributed immensely to Bollywood for the last six decades.

RUBIKA was born from the grouping of three pioneering schools of digital creation: The Higher Institute of Design – ISD (1988), Supinfocom (1988), and Supinfogame (2001). Since its establishment in 1987 by the Chamber of Commerce and industries, Grand Hainaut, RUBIKAs schools have shaped students to become remarkable actors in animation, video games, and the designing sector. RUBIKA trains each year more than 1300 students determined to turn their passion into a profession.

In todays generation, it has become crucial to search for significant talents who can contribute to the entertainment sector. Institutions like RUBIKA have set an example where talents are nurtured and prepared to serve the industry worldwide.

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