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Precious Metals Infused Bowls and Coffee Mugs; The Story of Vedas Organic Crockery

The last few months have made us realize a harsh reality – our immune system is not as strong as it should be. The urban population is more susceptible to health issues, but the rural population braved the pandemic in a much better fashion – probably because of their connection to the roots and a purely organic diet.

Vedas Life range of organic crockery improves the taste and texture of food items

Vedas Life, a leading health and wellness brand has launched a unique range of bowls, glasses, coasters, coffee mugs, etc. infused with precious metals like gold, zinc, platinum, silver, brass, etc. These ceramic utensils are proven to improve the taste and texture of food items – whether liquid, semi-solid, or solid.

The Vedas Life Bowl, for example, can actually tone down over-spicy or over-salty food organically, without any treatment. These utensils promote oxidation, maintain the right pH balance, and retain nutrients through a unique amalgamation of modern tech and ancient knowledge.

The Vedas Life ceramic water glass, on the other hand, helps maintain hydration levels and even helps in reducing cholesterol. The company has also launched a beauty spray which can be filled with water or any other liquid, and is stated to help with anti-aging or even reducing acne.

Vedas Life has also pioneered Mojo, which is manufactured by bringing together modern science and ancient wisdom. It can significantly improve the quality, flavor, texture, and smoothness of a variety of pulses, grains, and cereals. Dropping some mojo into vegetables and fruits can increase their shelf lives.

Regular use of these products in daily lives has shown significant and measurable improvement in the life of users. From better physical health to improved diet and a stronger immune system, these products promote healthy living.

This concept was visualized by Venkat Veeramachaneni, Founder and CEO of Vedas. A biotechnologist by profession, he has extensively worked on understanding the secrets of water and nature.

Vedas is a technology transfer and innovation intervention company, working in global markets. Their products are the first of their kind and deal with all aspects of wellness by improving the quality and taste of food products, cosmetics, and other items used in our daily lives. Vedas Life products have been designed to imbibe the values of ancient wisdom into modern science to boost immunity and metabolism in today’s high-performance lifestyle.

For more information, please visit: www.vedaslife.in.

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