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Parimatch’s Simulated Reality League Keeps the Game Going

On the back of IPL 2021 suspension, Parimatch International, a leading entertainment company, has added a Simulated Reality League to its list of sportsbook products, allowing Indian fans and bettors alike to keep the game going even when its not.

Parimatch Simulation Reality League

Indian Premier League 2021 season has been postponed by India’s Board for Control of Cricket after a string of COVID-19 positive cases were reported. To stand in solidarity with India as the wave rages, Parimatch International, the company operating under the brand Parimatch that is known for engaging fans during the IPL season not just respects BCCI’s decision but also finds ways to keep the followers engaged with their beloved sport through simulation gaming.

To recreate the real IPL magic and to take teams and stars on the field to their fans irrespective of the cancelled matches, Parimatch International launches new Simulated Reality League. The international bookmaker brand has leveraged best-in-class AI techniques, paired with insights from the world’s top cricket analysts, to create the Simulated Reality League – a place for all those bettors who love to crunch numbers, read the stats, and call games. This initiative not only offers an escape to fans even if the live games are closed due to the current circumstances but additionally they can enjoy the high-stakes action of IPL. With exciting new bonuses for new users and up to 12,000 INR in bonuses for active users and the ones that decide to return, there’s never been a better time to sign up.

“We’re saddened to see the way COVID-19 crisis surge has hit India and agree with BCCI’s decision to suspend IPL keeping everyone’s safety in mind. Having said that, we at Parimatch International also believe in ensuring that our fans are able to take their minds off the grim situation once in while and hence we are glad we can offer a momentary escape. We are happy that we are able to give our fans a chance to keep engaging with the IPL through Simulation Reality League,” said Dmitry Belianin, CMO at Parimatch International.

“By presenting the #ParimatchPremierLeague to our users, we’ve managed to bridge the gap between the joy of sport and stay-at-home orders, letting them test their cricket wits and knowledge against one of the best machine learning algorithms in the business. We hope IPL fans enjoy it and pray we do it like old times once things are better in India!”

Parimatch’s Simulated Reality League lets fans and bettors catch up on upcoming matches, like the Delhi Capitals versus the Rajasthan Royals, entirely from the comfort of their own homes. This unique gaming platform provides a seamless experience with a simulation tuned with real-life stats, and both new, existing, and returning users can benefit from Parimatch International’s bonus system.

About Parimatch International

Parimatch International is a technology and entertainment company operating in the international markets, such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The company works under the franchise model and uses the newest version of the Parimatch products, which offer an exciting entertainment format that enhances customers enjoyment of sports and gaming. It reflects sport’s commitment as entertainment in these resounding sponsorship partnerships of the brand: FC Juventus, Dale Steyn among others. Parimatch International invests in building a strong and agile business culture and always empowers employees development.

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