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Order Management Plus, Empowering Indian SMBs During COVID-19

Order Management Plus is a Bangalore-based company that offers a single, unified platform for inventory and warehouse management, marketplace integration, insight reports, and accounts management for eCommerce brands. Their online solution, “Omplus”, gives retailers everything they need to start, manage and grow their business online. The platform helps SMBs optimize their workflow and make the sales process more efficient. They started with the idea to reach out to retailers to help audit their end-to-end systems, mobilize and automate sales, and expand their reach through the power of eCommerce and home delivery.

Rohit Gupta, Co-founder, Order Management Plus

The Personal Connect

Growing up, Rohit Kumar witnessed his father – then an accountant for several SMBs-spend hours of time and effort on manually gathering reams of paperwork and organising data into logbooks, Excel sheets, and Tally. Even with the help of accountants, these companies struggled to efficiently manage operations and found it difficult to grow. Rohit set out to solve this problem. He later became an engineer with the aim of building a software solution that would automate the tedious tasks of optimising backend business processes. This led to the creation of “Omplus” – a software solution that aims to streamline operations in order for SMBs to have the time and space to grow and acquire new customers while saving money, increasing turnover, revenue, and profits. The solution helps retailers build and launch their very own eCommerce website within days-not weeks-and requires no coding skills. It allows SMBs to sell their products across multiple channels online and penetrate new markets.

Empowering The People

Brick and mortar stores are bearing the brunt of the current lockdown. Order Management Plus is trying to change how SMBs do business today by digitizing them, optimizing operations, helping them reach new customers, take decisions remotely, and most importantly, grow stronger as brands to help boost the Indian economy. Omplus is an easy-to-use tool that all merchants can operate even if the user is not tech-savvy or technology-friendly. If they have the ability to use WhatsApp and have a basic understanding of smartphone usage, they can use the solution to create their own eCommerce website, begin selling by way of a single dashboard, and start delivering to customers directly. While there are a lot of tools available online to help businesses grow, few have the ability to understand the mindset of the Indian merchant the way Order Management Plus does. Omplus has been tailor-made specifically for such a target audience and is the fastest, most efficient website builder available to retailers.

Employment Opportunities

Highly skilled part-time consultants are hired after a thorough vetting process, to provide remote support to SMBs. This unique, work-from-home opportunity is open to retirees and housewives who otherwise face challenges in finding remote employment when they want to reenter the workforce.

No Language Barrier

While the website and the brands main medium of communication are in English, support content is available in regional languages to help train business owners. Language is not a constraint as the aforementioned consultants help with the same, removing as many barriers as possible to help small businesses digitize and grow.

Growth Numbers

The 1-year-old company was incorporated in March 2020. Initially, Order Management Plus only offered its enterprise solution to corporates, having created tailor-made solutions for clients from UK, Nepal, and India. Their two enterprise models are set at different price points and they have successfully acquired 20+ corporate clients over the past 1 year. They have helped several hospitality partners, catered to stores in Nepal and the UK, and also provided technology solutions to some of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the Indian FMCG market.

Their SaaS subscription model, Omplus, went live only 2 months ago and the firm has already logged close to 1000 sign-ups in that short span of time. While most clients from both the corporate sector as well as the newer SMB subscribers are from the FMCG, Retail, Fashion, and Mobile accessories space, there have also been recent enrollments from farmers and home entrepreneurs. Order Management Plus is a startup helping other startups and has served as a boon to SMBs who want to quickly digitize and begin eCommerce transactions during the pandemic period.

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