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Oasis Fertility Empowers and Educates to Fulfill Parenthood Dreams for All

Business Wire IndiaFifteen percent of Indian couples face infertility. The inability to conceive causes emotional trauma to the couple. But how many are aware of the tremendous fertility treatment options that exist in India and how many are willing to openly discuss the issue? Just a handful only. There is a huge gap in terms of available treatment options and fertility-challenged couples. Oasis Fertility acts as a bridge by creating awareness and also making the treatments affordable and accessible across all geographies.

Break the Barriers

Educating and empowering the public on infertility can bring a sea change. Through several initiatives like Facebook Live, webinars, and Talk shows by fertility specialists across India and by way of conducting Fertility Consultation camps in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Oasis Fertility tries out every possible means to bring awareness about infertility and also educate them on the treatment options.

Oasis Fertility has set up AndroLife clinics exclusively for male patients. By creating a dedicated space and privacy for men, they help men to break the barriers and discuss their fertility issues with Andrologists. Though men contribute to 50% of infertility, men mostly deny it due to the fear of embarrassment and isolation. Unless both the husband and the wife undergo a fertility evaluation, the root cause of infertility cannot be identified and tailor-made fertility treatment plans cannot be created that can enable the couples to overcome infertility and attain parenthood.

Speak Out

Infertility is just like any other health issue. Couples should come out of misconceptions, fear, inhibitions and talk to a fertility specialist about their problems. Silence cannot lead to any solution. The couples need to openly talk about their problems and be supportive of each other as infertility is emotionally and physically taxing. They can participate in various online forums/communities that support fertility-challenged couples and listen to the real-life stories of other couples who have gone through the same phase and have overcome infertility.

Oasis Fertility creates several opportunities for couples to confide in and speak out to our fertility specialists. Oasis Fertility provides a conducive, compassionate and safe environment for couples to undergo their parenthood journey.
Seek Assistance

The biological clock of women cannot be rewound and most are unaware that fertility declines with age. It is vital to seek assistance at the right time. Even if the couple wishes to postpone parenthood, they have to take appropriate steps like Social Freezing by which they can preserve their fertility and conceive later in the future. Oasis Fertility has a presence in 25+ locations pan India even in tier 2 and tier 3 towns. If the couple is unable to conceive even after 1 year of trying, it is important to visit a fertility specialist.

Make Informed Decisions

A couple needs to understand the pros and cons of fertility treatments and have realistic expectations. One size fits all is not applicable in the case of fertility treatments. For each and every couple, exclusive customized fertility treatments have to be devised by the fertility specialist based on the couple’s age, medical history, health condition, etc. Discussing each and every step of the treatment with a fertility specialist will give clarity and enable couples to make informed decisions about their parenthood journey.

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