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Nirvasa Emerges as India’s Premier Digital Healthcare Clinic

Like a speck of pixie dust that lands on and magically evolves everything it touches, digitalization impacted everything in the present time, even the healthcare sector, and the way we seek and receive treatment is revolutionized forever! Only a few years back, whether one needed a sore spot looked at or a mental health issue which needed resolving, it translated to hours of commute, waiting in a crowded waiting room, spending more money than one needed to, and spending the precious bit of energy that you probably have, given your health. Even when you do make it to the doctor’s office, your visit is closely timed and chances are that your privacy and discretion are compromised. But with digital evolution, digital healthcare is soon paving its way through our country, and the result is overwhelmingly positive.Mr. Amitoz Singh, Founder and CEO, NirvasaWith digital healthcare digging its heels into the Indian terrain firmly, there is now space for digital healthcare clinics like Nirvasa. A Gurgaon-based digital healthcare clinic founded in 2019, Nirvasa is representative of everything that the future of digital health space promises! With its interactive and user-friendly platform, Nirvasa makes healthcare assistance accessible to every user, from the easy comfort of their couch!The spotlight is on solving many of todays lifestyle-related problems such as sexual wellness, weight management, and hair care, followed by sensitive issues such as mental health and chronic ailments like diabetes, among others. Nirvasa suspends the requirement of proximity, melting away the city boundaries, and offering quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible to every Indian, whether they are in Gujrat or Guwahati! Nirvasa has received an immensely positive response from its users, with the support of 800 plus healthcare professionals and over 200 doctors, and those numbers say it clearer than any words could. It has served 8 million users in less than 4 years and provides free health consultations to over 10,000 users in India on a day-to-day basis. Armed with a reliable in-house team of experts in the field of healthcare and wellness, and the aim of becoming a leading healthcare and wellness brand in India, as well as globally, Nirvasa walks on an ambitious yet exciting road for the healthcare of our country. Healthcare with Nirvasa promises to be as easy as calling an old friend, and its a transition that our country can benefit from immensely! With the healthcare sector expecting ground-breaking discoveries and innovations, and AI and ML to play a significant role in the industry, Nirvasa is setting up the groundwork for a healthy future ahead!

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