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Netrack’s Contribution to the BICSI Event to Offer a Future of Innovation and Possibility

BICSI is one of Indias most crucial Information and communication technology (ICT) industry annual events. The event was started with the objective of creating a common platform for over 25,000 skilled professionals to share knowledge and grow together.Netracks Contribution to the BICSI Event to Offer a Future of Innovation and PossibilityThe first conference was held in 2004 in Mumbai with 100 delegates and ten members. Since then, the journey has been promising, with seminars and workshops across India. The recent 19th BICSI event was held at Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park and was attended by 700 delegates and 250 members from all over the country. They share varied visions and perspectives but with a common passion for technology and innovation. Professionals from various sections of the ICT community attended the seminar this year.Professionals representing end usersSystem integratorsInstallersConsultantsDistributors or dealersOEMsNetrack’s vision of the new futureNetrack participated in the 19th BICSI event to analyze the growth potentials of the IT industry in the coming years alongside diverse business leaders. The visible evolution of colocation data center facilities with service models over on-premise data centers, the offerings of each business have transformed. Also, the popularity of a hybrid mode of operation and work-from-home opportunities played a dominant role in creating a need-based investment and solution across all industry verticals.The event was attended and addressed by Ravi Raj, who represented Netrack. He is Netrack’s director of sales and support and also the Brand head. The event hosted an engaging panel discussion. Along with Ravi Raj- Ashish Sharma, Pankaj Wadhwa, and Santosh Kulkarni participated in the discussion. Kiran Katariya, Director of Relight ICT consulting LLP was the moderator.Santosh Kulkarni from Vertiv spoke about DCIM as part of the data center while Ashish Sharma of CapitaLand focussed on colocation data centers, sustainability, challenges, carbon neutrality related to data center infrastructure, and visible trends for the future. Here, Pankaj Wadhwa being a data center architect and consultant elaborated on the journey from the green fields to the design and the specific requirements for physical infrastructure of building for data centers.Ravi sir shared the company’s vision for next-generation data center racks. His engaging conversation brought in the flavor of the evolution process the IT industry will experience in the next ten years. Here he mentioned the importance of racks and PDU certifications that enhance the sustainability of the overall data center. The discussion became even more interesting with Ravi sir’s lucid elaboration on the need for balancing of space, weight varying capacity, power consumption, and cooling efficiency of racks.OpenRack with HDVCO: A Netrack initiative In this regard, Ravi sir Launched Netrack’s new design of High Density Vertical Cable Organisers (HDVCO) and High Density Horizontal Cable Organisers (HDHCO) series. The Upgraded design of NAOR with HDVCO/HDHCO was a much-awaited product launch. These Products are used for core networking and designed with the capacity to meet the challenges related to high density cable management. Such challenges occur due to increase of cable volume – a result of increased port density. This sturdy framework capable of organizing cables efficiently and enhances the aesthetics of the place. This product is UL certified and is extremely capable of handling cables with an advanced load bearing capacity of upto 1500 kgs. The HDVCO Comes with 6”, 8”, 12” and 15” while HDHCO comes in 1U~4U size.He also narrated the transition of the IT industry from the on-premise to colocation data centers due to a change in work culture introducing work from home and a hybrid operation model in the IT industries. He also mentioned Netrack’s contribution towards seismic zone 4 racks that are designed and manufactured as per the new national building code of India 2016 (NBC 2016).He showcased the following requirements as an identifier of the transition process.Present industry requirementChoose the proper infrastructure with physical security, such as; intelligent lockingRemote monitoring and managing of powerEfficient monitoring and maintenance of the environmentAs a solution to ease the transition process by catering to the requirements, he explained Netrack’s unique offerings. Here, he also stressed the health hazards associated with prolonged exposure to equipment noise and Netrack’s contribution to monitoring noise levels and reducing the same within the data center ecosystem.Netrack empowers Passive side of IT Industry with the followingNoise reduction feature with active silencer fan tray technologyIntelligence racksModular racks with scalabilitySeismic and shock-proof racksRacks with remote monitoring capabilityRacks with hotspot prevention capabilityEfficient thermal monitoring with server heat dissipation capabilitiesAbout NetrackNetrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is a true believer in innovation and creativity. Netrack customizes solutions per the changing requirement with the advent of new technologies. Netrack’s rack solutions are cost-efficient and reliable, integrated with locking, monitoring, alarming features, and self-cooling capabilities.Netrack’s data center solution comes with the following guarantee.Faster deploymentConvenient for remote locationsScalable and flexibleUp to 95% efficiency with reduced footprintUp to 30% energy savingCost-efficient solutionDurable and shock-resisting racks for seismic zonesFor more information, please visit www.netrackindia.com.

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