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L&T Financial Services Felicitates Outperforming Employees with Star Awards

L&T Financial Services (LTFS), one of the leading Non-Banking Financial Companies, has recognised its outperforming employees with Star Awards, the highest recognition for service in the Company. This award is given to employees who are not only the best of the best in terms of their performance but have also imbibed and displayed the organisational values during the course of their work.L&T Financial Services felicitates outperforming employees with Star AwardsThe awards were given to meritorious employees in four categories by Mr. S. N. Subrahmanyan, Director and Chairperson of the Board of L&T Finance Holdings Ltd., Mr. Dinanath Dubhashi, Managing Director & CEO, L&T Finance Holdings Ltd., Board of Directors and the members of the General Executive Council (GEC).Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Dinanath Dubhashi, Managing Director & CEO of L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. said, “Star Awards has always been a special occasion for us as it is a celebration of the champions of the LTFS family. In fact, this year has been even more special as we are back with a physical event after a span of three years. The event is held not only to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues, but also to give due regard to them exemplifying the 4 values of the Company, namely Pride, Ambition, Integrity and Discipline in their journey towards achieving the goals of Lakshya 2026. Our Lakshya Plan envisages transformation of LTFS into a top-class, digitally-enabled, retail finance company, moving from a product focused to customer focused approach and establishing itself as a Fintech@Scale. Out of more than 27,000 employees all over India, we had received nominations for 3,108 employees and 11 teams, out of which 206 winners were chosen as our Lakshya warriors. My hearty congratulations to all the winners.”Awards are given in 4 categories which are:Bright Spark: The recipients of these awards are those who are though relatively new to LTFS, but have ‘gone beyond’ and delivered significant results, while demonstrating very high levels of ownership and collaboration. This year, 41 employees received these awards.Exemplar of Values: The recipients of these awards are those who have joined the Company on or before December 31, 2021 and have imbibed and reflected the organisational values. These awards are given in two categories which are Pride (it is about knowing what you are good at, how you contribute to the organisation, customer, and every stakeholder, and being fiercely proud of that, conserving that, and working on that) and Ambition (it is about being aspirational and to look for achieving something more. It is about doing something better than yesterday). Sixty employees received the awards for Pride while 58 employees received awards for Ambition.Teamwork: The recipients of these awards are teams which exemplified the spirit of teamwork and collaborated across boundaries to deliver a complex project that was mission-critical for the enterprise, while ensuring institutionalisation of processes and outcomes. Four teams covering 45 employees received these awards.Transformation Champion: The award recipients are leaders who have displayed exemplary performance, initiative, consistent delivery and game changing practices/ideas that transform and turn around the business. Two employees received these awards.Winners were selected after following four stages of evaluation involving 500 manhours and the entire exercise was completed in a span of two months.4 stages of evaluation:In stage one, feedback was sought from the zonal heads on various parameters to identify if the employee’s contribution was beyond business as usual and if the employee had displayed role model values. During stage two, the national heads along with the business heads, facilitated by the lead Business HR and zonal HR, discussed the merit of each case basis the synopsis shared about the employee to represent their contributions to the business.After due diligence, bona fide cases were referred to the cross-functional panel of senior leaders. And finally, the GEC members concluded the selection process by ratifying the final selections and choosing the transformation champions.About L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. (LTFH): LTFH (www.ltfs.com), a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), offers a range of financial products and services through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. L&T Financial Services (LTFS) is the brand name of L&T Finance Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has been rated AAA – the highest credit rating for NBFCs – by four leading rating agencies. It has also received leadership scores and ratings by global and national Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating providers for its sustainability performance. The company was awarded FICCI’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award for “Women Empowerment” and “Maharashtra CSR Award” for its flagship Digital Sakhi project. Under Right to Win, being in the ‘right businesses’ has helped the company become one of the leading financiers in key retail products. LTFH is focused on creating a top-class, digitally-enabled retail finance company as part of the Lakshya 2026 plan. The goal is to move the emphasis from product focused to customer focused and establish a robust retail portfolio with quality assets, thus creating a Fintech@Scale while keeping ESG at the core. Fintech@Scale is one of the pillars of the company’s strategic roadmap – Lakshya 2026. The company has over 7 crore customer database, and this database is being leveraged to cross-sell, up-sell as well as identify new customers.

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