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Lord’s The Hygiene India Launches #THIMovement Campaign to Foster a Holistic Hygiene Culture in India

Lord’s Mark Industries, a prominent diversified business group, has launched The Hygiene India platform to promote holistic hygiene and cleanliness culture throughout India. The platforms objective is to become the countrys largest health and hygiene product brand, providing holistic hygiene solutions for home, health, personal, and surrounding hygiene.The Hygiene India launches #THIMovement CampaignTo promote this initiative, Lord’s Mark Industries has launched the #THIMovement campaign, which aims to create a Hygiene Enthusiasts Community (THI Community) comprised of individuals, community organisations, and businesses that share the passion of creating an integrated hygiene culture. This community programme provides a range of resources and support to help participants promote hygiene and cleanliness in their communities.The #THIMovement campaign has already garnered significant support from various social media influencers who are actively promoting the hygiene culture. Using the tagline Hygiene se Samjhota Nahi Karega India, the campaign has already impacted approximately 12,00,000 people through these communities and influencer outreach.Naitik Vyas, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, The Hygiene India, highlighted the importance of holistic hygiene and urged every individual to join the campaign to make holistic hygiene a default practise. Vyas said, “Exactly 3 years ago, we were all facing the first lockdown and realised how important it is to take care of holistic hygiene. It is not just about you, but about us and the community as a whole. By participating in our community programme, one can make a tangible impact on promoting hygiene and cleanliness in their communities.”The Hygiene India platforms products are curated under the umbrella of Lord’s Mark Industries and provide quality and affordable products. Some of the product brands on the platform include MarkoSafeTM (home and surrounding hygiene), SafeSehatTM (health hygiene), OceanDropTM (personal hygiene), and SafeLiteTM (sanitary napkin brand).Through the #THIMovement campaign and The Hygiene India platform, Lord’s Mark Industries aims to promote a culture of holistic hygiene and provide accessible and affordable hygiene solutions for every Indian.About Lord’s Mark IndustriesIncorporated in 1998, Lord’s Mark Industries Private Ltd. (Lord’s) started manufacturing computer continuous stationary and copier paper and slowly diversified to other segments viz; LED products, Solar Power Solutions & Solar Appliances, Lithium Batteries, Electric Scooters, Charging Stations and Pharma & Hygiene products. Lord’s Mark Industries has been delivering value to all stakeholders and partners by creating sustainable business to become globally recognized brand in diversified industries.

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