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KoreaShop 24 Facilitates Korean Culture as it Exports Stone Veneer, and Imports Chilli and Soya Paste (Expanding across Thailand, Argentina and India)

KoreaShop 24, the leading business-to-business (B2B) company that facilitates trade with the Korean market, has recently imported Chilli Paste and Soya Paste from Korea to meet the growing expectations and enthusiasm of the Indian customers. Korean culture is keeping Indians on their heels and increasing its base in the country by every passing day. K-cuisine and pastes are making an equal impact on people and thus leading to the K-frenzy escalating to a new level. Korean pastes enhancing Korean dishes and strengthening the flavour palate are also helping the culture to augment in the country teeming with diverse tastes. They have positioned themselves as one of the accelerators encouraging the Korean vibe in India. KoreaShop 24 is also expanding its footprint in other countries as it paints a fresh picture of interior and exterior designing by exporting Stone Veneer worth $3000 to Thailand and worth $60,000 to Argentina.

KoreaShop 24 provides information to suitable buyers and suppliers and helps the labels in reaching out to customers across the globe. It acts as the bridge between the two nations. While people are growing fond of Korean food and culture, KoreaShop 24 is taking the initiative of strengthening the bond between countries by indulging in trading activities.

Mr. Seo Youngdoo, CEO and Founder, KoreaShop 24

“KoreaShop 24 is one such platform where it offers trade opportunities and enhances the economy of both the nations. With the growing influence of Korean culture on Indians, there has been a rise in demand for Korean cuisine and hence importing Chilli Paste and Soya Paste is a great idea from Korea that helps in fostering the trade relations for a longer run. Similarly for Stone Veneer, we are getting a good response from various countries and hence the demand for the same continues to grow,” shares Mr. Seo Youngdoo, Official Spokesperson, KoreaShop 24.

KoreaShop 24 has also recently closed a deal to export a container of Amla Powder worth 85 lakhs in May 2021 in order to boost immunity owing to the current pandemic scenario. Such deals have opened up new avenues for traders and helped them to strengthen their economies. KoreaShop 24 is also in the conversation with other buyers from different countries for Stone Veneer.

About KoreaShop 24

KoreaShop 24 is the leading business-to-business (B2B) Company that facilitates trade with Korean market, by providing information to suitable buyers and suppliers. They provide the complete and up to date information on Korean products and suppliers for buyers. KoreaShop 24 is the number one destination for buyers to source Korean products and for Korean sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online globally. This is an ideal portal forum for buyers and sellers of South Korea and around the world, who can interact with each other and conduct the business smoothly, securely and effectively. In a market that is continuously changing, the clients and suppliers are searching for collaborations that will bring efficiency and effectiveness to their business. The organization of B2B meetings promotes the business relationship that is a key to success. KoreaShop 24 activates strategic partnerships for their clients and helps them to be highly effective in how they operate; to enhance imaging capability; to embrace chance with confidence so that they are ready to take on the next challenge. They work with organizations to transform their businesses because they believe that when the right people come together, opportunities appear, creativity flourishes and business grows.

For more information, please visit: koreashop24.com/about-us-2.

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