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Khizer Technologies Announces the Launch of ShubhVivaah a Matrimonial App

Khizer Ahmed a leading Entrepreneur from Bengaluru India (Founder & Director of Khizer Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.) announced the launch of yet another brand-new matrimonial app called as ShubhVivaah which is will live and available on all app stores by beginning of 2022. This app is built with sole purpose of connecting souls in the institution of marriage across the globe regionally, nationally, and globally and will be available in multiple languages. The other unique feature about the app is its user friendliness which not only helps individuals to update their profile seamless but also allows the elderly to update their children profile with utmost easy using their phones.

Khizer Ahmed, Founder and Director of Khizer Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

“There is always a room for improvement and innovation that is what we believe and constantly thrive to do by creating innovative apps that cuts across all generations and help people connect whether its relationships, religion or education and we will soon be venturing into other areas that would impact human lives, as a passionate technology entrepreneur I believe technology do not have any boundary or barriers and can be used help millions in all aspects of their lives,” said Khizer Ahmed Founder & Director of Khizer Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

In the era where people are swiping left or right for matching with right companions, this app gives its audience the best of both worlds where people can not only swipe left or right to match the right person but also chat with individuals before they exchange their complete details. This also will have relationship counsellors available to consult to understand the right match.

This is not the first app that’s been launched by Khizer Ahmed, he has been instrumental in launching a Quran app and is in process of Launching a Spelling app for children in collaboration with Spell Bee League (An edutainment program for children).

For more information, please visit: Instagram/Facebook or email at director@khizertechnologies.com.

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