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Kaka Group ED’s Eminent Contribution to the Carpet Industry

Business Wire IndiaMr. Yadvendra Kumar Roy, the Executive Director of the Kaka Group and the backbone of the organization, is the driving force behind its success. Because of his dedication and hard effort, Kaka Group has risen to new heights. The Kaka Group is a leading carpet giant in the Indian carpet industry. They handle the import and export of carpets. The company has a prestigious reputation in the carpet industry, and its reputation is growing by the day. They have made the Indian carpet prominent in other nations, such as the USA. It is a well-known rug brand in the USA. There, they’ve become a well-known brand of rugs. Because of their affordable costs and high quality, they have become a household name in the carpet market in the USA. Customers can also get support and assistance with carpet cleaning, handling, and caring for their carpets after they purchase from them and they offer a variety of services. Floral hand-knotted carpets, Euphoria hand-knotted carpets, Solitaire hand-knotted carpets, Furry hand-knotted carpets, and hand-tufted wool area rugs are among the rugs they provide. Customers can choose from a variety of carpets in various shapes for various areas of the house.

Company details

The Kaka Group is a carpet company that began in a tiny town in Uttar Pradesh in the 1990s. Kaka Group’s florid hand-knotted carpets, Euphoria hand-knotted carpets, Solitaire hand-knotted carpets, Furry hand-knotted carpets, and hand-tufted wool area rugs are well-known. In the 1990s, they established their first company in Bhadohi, India’s Carpet Capital. Kaka Overseas Ltd., Kaka Carpet, Shobha Woolen Pvt Ltd., Rugsotic, and Rugsotic Pvt Ltd. are the six assistance firms that comprise the Kaka Group. The initial company was founded in the 1990s with small investments and few orders, but it has since grown into a well-known carpet maker and exporter. Mr. Yadvendra Kumar Roy, the founder, and owner of the original enterprise expanded the business by developing a large group in the Rugs sector with a recognizable name. The Kaka Group has a good name in the carpet sector, and they also contribute to the environment and the country on an ongoing basis. The assistant companies within the Kaka Group follow the same business principles as the Kaka Group.

Contribution of the Executive Director

Mr. Yadvendra Kumar Roy has done a remarkable job in making this company a brand in India and the USA. Kaka Group’s narrative begins in the 1990s when the company’s foundation is built in a small Bhadohi village. Bhadohi is India’s carpet manufacturing capital, known for its hand-knotted carpets. The company’s roots can be traced back to a notable palace known for its carpets, and the company’s owner, who hails from Bhadohi, has witnessed the carpet-making process from childhood. As a result, his abilities can be noticed in each of their products. Because the company is located in the center of carpet city, it can provide consumers with the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Mr. Yadvendra Kumar Roy has given his entire life to this company and the people that work for him. He always handles his employees as if they were his own family. And always stand up for them in whatever situation, such as when Covid strikes India and all the factories close down, leaving small wage workers to fend for themselves. At that time, he stood by his people and provides them with basics such as rations and living wages. He also assists workers by safely returning them to their homes. He also does not dismiss any employees during Covid-19, and he assists his employees in being vaccinated by organizing a vaccination campaign, specifically for his entire workforce. It is because of his generosity that he is regarded as a role model for aspiring carpet entrepreneurs. His hard work and dedication to the company have resulted in the company receiving numerous honors and affiliations in the carpet industry as a result of his efforts. Carpet Export Promotion Council, Indian Silk Export Promotion Council, and DGFT are just a few of the accolades that highlight his dedication to his businesses and the carpet industry. He always believes in operating ethically and attempting to do the right thing is critical to the company’s success. Their motto is that customer happiness is more important than profit. They want to make a positive difference in the environment and the communities they serve as a company.

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