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Kaka Group Bhadohi Become First Carbon Neutral Handy Craft Company in India

Business Wire IndiaKaka Group Bhadohi is the leading carpet and floor covering company in India. Its sister companies are Kaka Overseas Ltd., Kaka Carpet, Shobha Woollen Pvt Ltd., Rugsotic and Rugsotic Pvt Ltd. Not to forget that recently the company became associated with solar energy, and it is a big decision for the company to take a step towards environment-friendly living. India is a developing country that suffers from a deficiency in energy because of the continuous use of power consumption from medium to large companies. The decision of Kaka Overseas is like a “cherry on the cake.” It helps the company to reduce its carbon footprint. As well, the company is here to add more significant business value.
The positive impact of solar energy
Investment in solar energy gives the company the power to exhibit excellent performance in maintaining the ecological, financial, and social frameworks. Overall, Kaka Carpet, the sister company offers a better solution to the human race and maximizes significant returns. There are six more companies of Kaka Group whose names are Kaka Overseas Ltd., Kaka Carpet, Shobha Woollen Pvt Ltd., Rugsotic, Royal Carpet, Rugsotic Pvt Ltd. The director of all these companies is Yadavender Roy. These companies are making a lot of progress.
The best thing is that all these companies are installing solar panels. It is the leading company that provides carpets and rugs that are handcrafted. The trained artisans work in a safe atmosphere to create masterpieces where designs and textures meet international standards. Creating an exclusive handcrafted carpet needs time, energy, money, and power. Energy expenses are rising day by day, and this money carves out a big chunk of the business profit each year. Therefore, kaka carpet, yet another sister company investing in solar power will make a good shift, and the expenses will reduce for the better good. 
Reduction in the overall expenses
The company chooses solar as the best option to reduce the overall overhead costs. They use power to use light, fan, AC, and other electronic devices in the carpet and rug industry amount to significant expenses. When the company chooses solar energy, there is a high chance that the company is no longer part of fluctuating power tariffs. They can decide the overhead cost per the solar panel installation. Thereby, they are responsible for generating their power and supplying the same to keep the cost in check. From designing Royal Carpet to international level rugs, it is one of the best carpet companies in India. 
Maintenance at one’s convenience 
Investment in solar panels is like a one-time investment for the company. There is no question about their strength and durability. They are made of the best raw material and last for more than 25 years at times. Hence, the overall maintenance cost and labor reduce. Conserving solar energy also puts no pressure to use in the maintenance program, and it needs only minimal maintenance for the solar panels. Shobha Woollen Pvt Ltd., which is a sister company guarantees 100% authentic panel maintenance for a good future return. 
Reliability of power supply
India is a country that still witnesses frequent power cuts in many villages, cities, and towns. As the company is investing in solar energy, the artisans and employees will get a steady-state of electricity supply even if there is a power cut. The climatic condition and the position of the Sun are a blessing for India, and our country receives an ample amount of sunlight throughout the year. The panels capture the extreme amount of sunlight and convert it into electricity. Through batteries, one can save electricity, which will not affect the productivity of the artisans and employees in their company. Rugsotic, a sister concern is proud to be a part of solar power and ensure electricity at the workplace. It helps everyone in the company to work efficiently.

At present this company is dependent on 0% electricity. This company has set up a good quality water treatment plant in view of water pollution, from which the other water comes out only after cleaning it.
Saving option increases
Investing the solar panel and solar energy consumption helps the company save a lot. In a way, it becomes profitable for the overall carpet business. The company head Mr. Yadavendera Roy said that the initial investment in solar panels is high, but overall, it is a profitable option. The idea of this investment helps the management to increase the cash flow. Now that they are on the path of saving for the long-term, there is less chance of loan dependency. 
Solar panels are affordable
Do not forget that the solar panels’ manufacturing and installation costs are decreasing because of the increase in demand in the market. The company is nowhere out of the trend, and they are also a part of eco-friendly living. The company supports the solar industry’s growth with an open heart and brings a change for the next generation towards healthy living. Thanks to technological advancement, it makes a better chance in the investment cost for them when prices are reduced. 
Promote CSR business
The company believes in green business and CSR goals. By achieving the solar energy business concept, one leaves less or no carbon footprint for their next generation. It is a clean and environment-friendly business organization for clients, investors, and customers. They are here to play the big game without spreading any pollution. The CSR goals are transparent, and the company believes in a clear ecosystem that will help the company and think for the betterment of the customers. It helps the economic growth of the company. 
Solar investment
The country is blessed with beautiful climatic conditions, natural habitats, and nature overall. Global warming is why the country is witnessing such a significant impact on the ecological balance. Sun has incredible power and is the only natural source of light and power. Rugsotic Pvt Ltd., a sister concern of Kaka Group Bhadohi proudly announces the investment in solar energy to bring ecological balance and bring global warming down and create a good life cycle for the generations.
The great pleasure is to understand the importance of solar power and convert the same into energy for consumption. They believe that the company is here to make the country a better place. Even it is credible to leave something fruitful for their next generation that they are proud of. Solar investment sounds enormous, but for the company, this huge step is the baby step toward environmentally friendly living. The company always arranges the activities where they can encourage the artisans, workers, and employees to use solar power and get the maximum benefit from the natural resources. They must embrace and reduce the negative impact of global warming in the coming future.

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