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‘Kabaad the Coin’ Loved by Audience on OTT

Kabaad the Coin starring Vivaan Shah and Zoya Afroz and helmed by Manjhi the Mountain Man Writer-Director Varadraj Swami had premiered on MX Player on 17th May 2021. Kabaad the Coin is based on human psychology, which reflects many types of feelings love, romance, fraud and deceit.

Vivaan Shah, Zoya Afroz, Varadraj Swami, Abhishek Bajaj

As the reports are pouring well, Vivaan Shah’s Kabaad is doing exceptionally well on the OTT platform MX player. In such a crisis, the film has gained appreciation from all age groups. A commendable effort, Kabaad the Coin is finding love amongst the audience. The film has found an audience and many are raving about it. Its definitely worth a watch.

The film shares a unique point of view about human psychology, which reflects many types of feelings love, romance, fraud and deceit. The presentation of all the essence in the film is quite appreciable. We often get to hear that if there is no money, there is nothing. Money is everything. It is the almighty. Everybody wants money either by hook or crook. There is a killing going on around the world for money. As if a war is going on. Everyone is running after money and money is killing everyone. The director has tried to depict this subject amusingly through this film.

The film succeeds in many ways. It manages to take the audience in a unique way of storytelling.

The Producer Babban Negi said, “Due to the global pandemic we had released the film on the OTT platform. It is proving to be good for us, we had hoped to get the theatre but it is going beyond imagination on the OTT platform.”

The Director Varadraj Swami said, “When we had started the film, the situation was different. We wanted the film to release in the cinema hall but releasing on the OTT was the correct decision as per the current scenario. The film is doing wonders on the OTT. The film is being accessed in various parts of the world. The film may not have gotten that much appreciation if released in the cinema hall than on the OTT platform considering the current scenario.”

He further adds, “Kabaad the Coin is a film which is always evergreen film, that ever audience has given huge respect, its a very concise budget film. First of all, I think about how to make a very interesting movie on a small budget and schedule time. My purpose and goal are very clear anyhow film should have to be highly expressive, commercial and it can get better recovery at any box office. IMDB has given a 9.4 rating to Kabaad the Coin, which is a big success for me, Im glad to know about it. It is the most popular film of the year on the digital platform. Our first motto is to care and about the producers money, and recovery of the film is on priority.”

Under the banner of MBN Entertainments, Kabaad the Coin is produced by Babban Negi and Meena Negi and directed by Varadraj Swami. The film’s story, screenplay and dialogue are given by Shahzad Ahmed and Varadraj Swami, released on 17th May 2021 on MX Player.

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