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Jollywell Launches New Range of Clean Plant-Based Supplements

Jollywell, a premium online nutraceutical brand known for its life-enhancing nutrition supplements, has launched a new range of products that help people stay healthy for longer. The clean, plant-based, non-GMO supplements are scientifically formulated with nature’s best superfoods that make them safer for the body. Jollywell’s Latest range of clean plant-based, vegan supplementsOn this occasion, Sujeesh Sukumaran, Co-Founder of Jollywell, says, “We launched the new range after extensive research on the current health issues of the population. Our lifestyle is hectic and the environment is so full of distractions that it takes a huge effort to focus on our health and the wholesomeness of the food we consume. Supplementation is necessary. And people are looking for safe solutions online. We want to be the most trusted brand by providing them with the highest quality supplements devoid of side-effects. For us, what’s not in the supplement matters as much as what’s in it-no preservatives, no synthetic ingredients, no harmful additives-just powerful healing derived from nature.”The new launch has five products, namely, Fit Liver, Happy Gut, Calm Sleep, Bone Strong, and Meta Boost. All products are vegan, and each product helps address specific health risks resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle. Additionally, the products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. With this launch, Jollywell marked its entry into the organic and natural dietary supplement market.Bone Strong is made using 4 natural ingredients studied thoroughly in Ayurvedic science to help support joint health by reducing inflammation in the joints and improving movement and overall health. Calm Sleep is a composition of multiple herbs that help improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. Fit Liver is a plant-based liver health supplement for those who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, are at risk of liver problems, are regular drinkers and smokers.Happy Gut has a patented plant-based multi-enzyme complex for people with digestion issues, nausea, vomiting, acidity, and IBS. It also helps balance the microflora in the digestive system.Meta Boost is an ideal fat-burning supplement for those who want to gain lean mass, lose excess body fat, improve athletic performance. Its natural ingredients help boost slow metabolism.These supplements are safe to be consumed daily as the products are 100% natural and plant-based. The products are available on their website and on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, HealthKart, and VeganDukan.Jollywell has launched this new range of products based on the positive feedback received from customers for their first two products-Glow Young and Lean Fuel. Glow Young has the goodness of five natural antioxidant-rich superfoods: tomatoes, amla (gooseberry), sunflower seeds, pomegranates, and bilberries, which help in rejuvenation and regeneration to give healthy, glowing skin. Lean Fuel, a clean plant-based protein powder, is also a massive hit among customers as it helps improve muscle recovery and offers numerous benefits of 9 other superfoods. Jollywell strives to bring natural ingredient-based products that can be safely consumed. The supplements are 100% vegan and certified by GVCS (Global Vegetarian Certification Services) following International Vegan Guidelines. The aim is to achieve and maintain a healthy body and mind by incorporating natural and plant-based supplements that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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