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Jehangir Hospital Launches Upgraded Centre for Endoscopy, Enabling Advanced Cancer and GI Care Diagnosis

Jehangir Hospital, a leading Pune-based institution, announced the launch of an upgraded Endoscopy centre for early diagnosis of GI cancers, empowered by EUS, or Endosonography. With the advent of superior imaging technology in GI endoscopy, Jehangir Hospital added the latest instruments to position itself among the few institutions offering advanced GI care diagnosis.

L to R: Dr. (Col) SS Gill – Medical Director; Mr. Cowas Jehangir – Trustee; Mr. Vinod Sawantwadkar – CEO; Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe; Dr. Parimal Lawate; Mr. Vayu Garware – MD, Garware; Dr. Lalit Shimpi; Mayuri Garware; Dr. Shilpa Edathara

The upgraded Centre for Endoscopy at Jehangir Hospital includes the latest Exera 3 Video Endoscopy system with 190 series endoscopes which enable distinct advantages like dual focus, brighter and higher contrast Narrow Band Imaging and Improved image quality. These factors are invaluable in early diagnosis of GI cancers and classification of colonic and gastric polyps without biopsies.

It also helps in diagnosing cancers at a very early stage, which can be usually cured without surgery. The new scopes also feature an integrated water jet channel helping the endoscopists to have a clearer view during haemostasis in actively bleeding patients or during complex therapeutic procedures.

The EUS or Endosonography is a newer technology used primarily for 3 indications:

Diagnosis of very small lesions not picked up on routine imaging modalities like CT or MRI. Picking up small 2-3 mm stones in bile ducts or very small tumours even <5 mm in diameter, for example.

It also allows the use of EUS guided Fine needle aspiration for accurate diagnosis of GI cancers without the need for conventional biopsies.

Latest interventional EUS guided procedures like EUS guided biliary drainage, EUS guided Pancreatic pseudocyst drainages, etc., which are the norm for complicated endoscopic drainages saving patients of prolonged percutaneous drainages or surgery.

“The New state of the Endoscopy Centre places Jehangir Hospital at par with most advanced nationwide endoscopy units providing tertiary care in GI care,” said Dr. Parimal Lawate, Senior Consultant and Director of the Department of Gastroenterology at Jehangir Hospital.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vinod Sawantwadkar, CEO Jehangir Hospital added, “The centre is looking at offering unique patient experiences by offering one stop solution to all GI problems and interventions in a single place, avoiding unnecessary transfer of patients or equipment to the OT for advanced therapeutic procedures. A dedicated Recovery area post endoscopy has been made to enhance patient comfort and convenience. It allows better time utilisation of the Endoscopy as well as the OT in turn increasing the patient satisfaction and ease of doing procedures for our doctors.”

The event was marked with the presence of Dr. (Col) SS Gill – Medical Director; Mr. Cowas Jehangir – Trustee, Jehangir Hospital; Mr. Vinod Sawantwadkar – CEO, Jehangir Hospital; Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe – Gastroenterologist, Jehangir Hospital; Dr. Parimal Lawate, Sr Gastroenterologist – Jehangir Hospital; Chief Guest – Mr. Vayu Garware – MD, Garware Technical Fibres; Dr. Lalit Shimpi, Sr. Gastroenterologist; Mayuri Garware – Board of Director, Garware Technical Fibres; and Dr. Shilpa Edathara – Dy Medical Director Jehangir Hospital.

Jehangir Hospital Endoscopy Centre is the state-of-the-art facility specializing in disease of the digestive tract, which offers a full range of endoscopic services for comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. The Endoscopy Center offers both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures, including upper endoscopy (EGD), colonoscopy, therapeutic endoscopy, and Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), manometry and caters to paediatrics to the adult age group.

For more information, please visit: www.jehangirhospital.com.

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