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India’s Fastest Growing ‘Influencer Business Network’ Set to Generate Business Worth Rs. 10,000 Crores

Influencer Business Network (IBN), a fastest growing business networking platform, promoted by the Influencer Business Group (IBG) a 360-degree strategic growth consulting firm, is geared up to generate business opportunities worth Rs. 10,000 crore for its members by the end of the 2022 financial year.

IBN is connecting business owners in a unified platform and opens new avenues to bring unlimited referrals for its members. Considering that companies and entrepreneurs operating at different levels have different challenges and growth potential, IBN is offering five different membership packages. This segmentation makes it effective for organizations to fulfil their growth aspirations.

IBG facilitates its members through a range of services starting from Morning Club, Mastermind, Marketplace, Business Network, Inspirational Talks, Awards & Events with the objective of helping its members achieve 10x performance and results.

Mr. Anandraj – Founder – IBG

Commenting about Influencer, Mr. Anandraj, Founder, IBG, said that its members have access to a host of business support services like daily morning rituals, fortnightly business mastermind, weekly business networking, 24/7 marketing & sales services, monthly talk shows, half yearly events & Annual awards.

He said that their prime focus is to inspire business owners to become a part of the Influencer Business Network to scale up their business using its wide range of services. He added that IBG has done immense research to understand how businesses can become successful in the current market trends. He also quoted that, “Most organizations are doing business in an outdated fashion for which we have identified key components that are essential for the companies to digitize their business and create multiple revenue streams.”

Talking about the genesis and transformation of IBG, Mr. Anandraj said that, “The journey is all about solving problems of our client organizations by transforming their business.

Our clients were inspired by our success and wanted to learn the intricacies to transform their business as well. In the interest of serving our client we brought our experience to the market by unfolding and revealing the secrets via consultation. Even with the secrets, companies struggled to implement our ideas, so we decided to provide implementation services on demand.

The increase in demand triggered us to start Influencer Mastermind which helped business owners transform their traditional business into digital business with multiple income streams like business income, business supportive income, passive income and investment income.”

Talking about Influencer Morning Club, Mr. Yousuf, CEO, IBG, who heads the forum, said, “The Club is a platform for mindset transformation, helps business owners connect with their purest form of energy and eliminate all the negativity. The purpose is to bring a significant difference in the personal and professional life of business owners.”

IBG has recently launched the Influencer Marketplace through which it links products and services for members to start, scale and establish their business. Influencer Marketplace is an amalgamation of consulting for new product development, funding support, branding, marketing and sales in an integrated ecommerce platform. This helps start-ups promote their products and services to reach millions of customers worldwide.

Mr. Yuvakumar, Director – Operations, IBG, in his comments, said that the Influencer Talk, a forum for the achievers to share their experiences of business and personal transformation, provides opportunities for its members to share their ideas, products, services and promote their brands.

IBG is also recognizing companies that have achieved 10x performance and results with Most Trending Influencer Business Awards. Organizations that want to be a part of Influencer Business Network and utilize the wide range of our services to scale their business 10 times or more, can visit meeting.upwithinfluencer.com/ibn to get more details.

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