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HumSafer and Uplift Mutual’s COVID Kavach to Protect 10k HAZ Drivers

#DriveForOxygen, the initiative from HumSafer Driver Safety Foundation together with Uplift Mutual has been raising funds to benefit the most at-risk and marginalized section of our community- truck drivers. These drivers have been tirelessly ferrying oxygen to and from various locations across India. Through #DriveForOxygen, over 11 Lakhs has been raised from 250 sponsors; the resulting fund – ‘COVID Kavach’ will be guaranteed to 10,000 drivers in the first leg of the drive. The next phase aims to empower and enrich the lives of the 8 million marginalized trucker community.

#DriveForOxygen at a glance

The Central Govt asking state transport ministries to vaccinate Oxygen Tanker Drivers on priority was a welcome announcement. The drive is looking into vaccine availability so that the immunization of our frontline heroes can begin immediately. In addition to the vaccine, 10,000 oxygen drivers will recieve cashless COVID insurance of 1 lakh which covers all COVID expenses. Amongst many offerings, COVID Kavach also includes COVID hospitalization cover for 9.5 months for the driver/loader; Ambulance charges up to Rs. 2000; Cashless treatment in Network Hospitals; Reimbursement in Non-Network Hospitals; Membership to Uplift Mutuals to access the group policy cover and 24×7 doctor helpline.

Sumedh Mane, Co-founder, HamSafer Driver Safety Foundation, “Throughout this pandemic, these drivers have risked their lives and those of their family to ensure that oxygen cylinders reach across geographies on time. The COVID Kavach is the least we can do to encourage, support, and motivate them for their bravery. From April, we have aimed at improving the efficiency of oxygen supply by 5% through incentives. With 9 COVID patients benefiting from 1 Tonne of oxygen, an increase by 300 Tonnes stands to save 2700 lives- every day. After the high priority HAZ drivers are protected, we will continue to reach out to the 8 million strong in this community.”

Recently nominated by the Logistical Skills Council to lead and deploy the Oxygen transporters and drivers’ skills, train and to execute this initiative and HumSafer’s Co-founder, Jehaan Kotwal states, “The helpless state-of-affairs of the truck drivers, more so in recent times, calls for a change where they are no longer marginalized. They kept the country moving despite when the world stood still, while their insurance, health, safety, and lives took a backseat. It is time to recognize them as frontline workers and provide them the safety they deserve.”

#DriveForOxygen brought people from all walks of life together to raise awareness and funds. From fun Cookout with Cyrus Todiwala; Owning the App dating game with Urvashi Goverdhan; Illustrations at home with Pooja Shirali; Canine assisted therapy training with Poorvaja Kumar; Art workshops for Adults and Kids hosted by Madcap Workshops (artist Niranjan and Sanjana); Fundraising Operatic Gala curated by Frazan Kotwal, featuring award-winning artists such as Alexandra Hauser, Adrian Autard, Julianne M Perkins and Yu Tashiro on accompaniment) – proving that we all must come together for India to breathe again.

About HumSafer Driver Safety Foundation

HumSafer Driver Safety Foundation is an app based technology that builds safer operating conditions for truck drivers to reduce road accidents, while they’re on the road. The App provides truck drivers with safety tools, providing real-time interventions in their local languages that helps avoid any fatigue or chances of meeting with any accident. The app also helps them stay connected with family and other members of the trucking community.

The app also has many health and wellness programs that are helping the truck drivers live more well-rounded lives and help provide opportunities for their families. The objective of these exercises is to change this largely fragmented network, and foster a sense of community while making them prosperous members of society. With industry leading projects and campaigns, they are at the forefront of the global effort to save lives on the roads by working with communities and the government.

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