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How Millennials can Create Wealth with Bajaj Finance Online FD

Individuals falling between the age group of 18 and 34 years old today, are considered as millennials. If one falls within this bracket, it’s likely that they’re just entering the workforce or have a reasonable foothold in their profession of choice. No matter where one falls on the spectrum, they are in a position where every financial decision can have long-term repercussions. So, it is important for them to know how to save and create wealth for themselves. Investing in sound financial tool is a key step towards achieving one’s financial goals. To risk proof one’s savings investors need to choose fixed-income instruments like a fixed deposit, offering assured returns.

Growing one’s wealth with the Systematic Deposit Plan offered by Bajaj Finance

From improving one’s financial knowledge to understanding how to save on tax payments, here are few steps that can help millennials who are looking for financial security.

Develop the habit of saving

It may be tempting to delay saving, but the later one starts saving, the lesser their returns will be. So, the earlier one can save, the more wealth they will be able to generate for themselves.

Track expenses

Keeping a tab on expenses is a big part of creating wealth. One can see where their money is going and how much they spend towards each kind of expense. Tracking expenses helps in creating budgets that one can abide by.

Build financial knowledge

Reading up on finances is a great way to stay abreast of healthy financial practices. There are several self-help blogs, books, articles, podcasts and videos that one can turn to for a dose of financial know-how.

There are multiple financial tools that can help one to plan their investments. The Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) offered by Bajaj Finance is an industry-first monthly savings plan. SDP is a unique savings instrument that combines some of the best features of a Fixed Deposit with the convenience of a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). One can start investing with just Rs. 5000 per month. SDP offers two variants – the Single Maturity Scheme (SMS) and Monthly Maturity Scheme (MMS).

Read on to understand more about the Systematic Deposit Plan

Flexible payout option

Payout frequency is the key area of difference between the Single Maturity Scheme and the Monthly Maturity Scheme. With Single Maturity Scheme, one can receive the maturity amount of all their deposits on a single day. The maturity date of each subsequent deposit is adjusted according to the chosen tenor, which means the tenor for individual deposits gradually reduces for each subsequent deposit. The objective of the scheme is to generate a lumpsum corpus at maturity, making this an ideal option for those looking to achieve a short-term financial goal.

In the Monthly Maturity Scheme, the tenor chosen applies to each deposit one makes. Every deposit matures on a different date as per the chosen tenor and payouts relating to that deposit are disbursed on the date of maturity. This helps in getting multiple monthly payouts, while offering adequate liquidity every month. The goal of the scheme is not to accrue a lumpsum corpus at the end of the tenor but, to generate monthly payouts as per the maturity date of each deposit. If one foresees the need for additional monthly income in the near future like paying EMIs, choosing this variant would be ideal.

Number of deposits

With Single Maturity Scheme, one can make between 6 and 47 deposits and with Monthly Maturity Scheme, investors can choose to make between 6 and 48 deposits.

Range of tenor

With Single Maturity Scheme, one can opt for a tenor between 19 and 60 months and with Monthly Maturity Scheme, investors can choose a tenor between 12 and 60 months.

Growing monthly savings is now easier than ever, with the end to end online SDP process. One can start investing from the comfort of their homes with no documentation hassles. Existing customers can easily visit the online investment form and invest right away. New customers can also fill the online application form and get started on their investment journey.

Bajaj Finance is accredited with the highest safety ratings of FAAA by CRISIL and MAAA by ICRA, making it the most reliable savings solution for a young, prudent investor. Choose to invest in a Fixed Deposit for stable savings or a Systematic Deposit Plan for monthly savings. As a savvy young investor equipped with the required knowledge, one can investment in a Bajaj Finance online FD based on their personal needs and goals.

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