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Helical Insight – 4.1 GA Expected to Change Perspective of Open-Source, BI Market

Open-Source Business Intelligence (BI) Product, Helical Insight ‘s latest version – 4.1 GA of Open-Source BI Product Helical Insight is going to change the outlook of the Open-Source/BI market in India as well as internationally.

Talking about the new version, Nikhilesh Tiwari, Co-founder, Helical IT Solutions, shared, “Being open-source, the enterprise version of Helical Insight is 80-85% more cost-effective as compared to any other open-source or proprietary BI product existing in the market, without compromising on the functionalities. We have seen a huge demand for this product during this COVID times. We have noticed more than 20% increase in the queries for this new version which is definitely very encouraging for us.”

Helical Insight Team

This new version comes with new features and capabilities which include support of session-less load balancing for high performance, support of ADFS as one more additional SSO option, security fixes and enhancements, more charting, and chart customization options, and many more other attractive features.

Helical Insight comes in two versions i.e. community version (completely free) and enterprise version (paid). The pricing depends on whether the customer is looking for a subscription or perpetual license, as well as whether a customer is looking for distribution or non-distribution license type. The company is also working at introducing more pricing options as well in the future.

Sharing his thoughts, Nitin Sahu, Co-founder, Helical IT Solutions, said, “With this newer version, we are expecting newer and bigger clients, that will start using this newer version as we have provided support of session-less load balancing and enhanced security and many others features, which will boost the performance of the product and eventually helping clients to experience faster performance.”

“We have been working on Helical Insight since 2016 and there are more than 45 companies who are using our enterprise version in their production environment. Apart from this, thousands of our clients are using our community version as well. Right now we have just released version 4.1 GA of Helical Insight and we have already started working on version 5.0 which is going to be a game-changer,” he further added.

Helical Insight is one of the rare Open-Source BI product which can fulfill both traditional document kind of canned reporting as well as new generation drag-drop based dashboard and data visualization requirements of end customers at a fraction of cost without compromising on the functionalities of the product.

Understanding the criticality of the uptime required in cases of BI server, with the newer release Helical Insight can support load balancing and High availability in a session less mode ADFS is also supported with the newer release. Following are the features which are added in the new version:

SSO: With every growing list of product-based customers requiring embedded SSO, Helical Insights latest release is now able to support one more method of SSO called ADFS along with other methods which were already supported like Oauth, AD, Active Directory, LDAP, and token-based authentication mechanism.

Customization: The newer release is having a lot of additional charts and visualizations customization options, thus allowing end customers to do a lot more. The existing known bugs of various customization options have also been fixed.

Security: A lot of efforts have been put in place to ensure that known security issues and flaws are closed. Various kinds of known security issues regarding sharing and endpoints have been rectified. Also, various places where SQLinjection could have been possible have been fixed with various kinds of configurable security options. Thus, with the newer release, the product has been much more secure.

Email Scheduling: There are APIs exposed allowing email scheduling from “Open in New Window” thus especially useful for customers who are using in embedded mode.

Bug Fixing: Various kinds of known bugs in various modules like metadata, dashboard designer, log in etc. have been fixed.

Performance Enhancement: In general work has been done overall to improve the performance of the various pages and modules.

Visit the link to know more about our newer release. To learn more about the product and try it for free, please visit: www.helicalinsight.com.

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