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Green Computing Technologies Helped Ant Group Reduce Data-center Carbon Emissions by 947 Tons During the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Business Wire IndiaAnt Group announced today that, according to calculations by the China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC), the company reduced its data centers’ electricity consumption by 1,538 megawatt-hours during this year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival from November 1 to November 11, with the help from green computing technologies.

By using green computing technologies, Ant Group lowered carbon emissions by 947 tons over the 11-day period, which is 2.4 times compared to last year’s 394 tons over the same period. The amount reduced this year is equivalent to daily carbon emissions of about 72,000 gas and diesel cars. The increase in energy savings was mainly attributed to Ant Group’s improved utilization rate of computing resources enabled by the company’s continuing optimization of its green computing technologies.

The green computing technologies Ant Group deploys include online-offline hybrid deployment, cloud-native time-shared scheduling and AI-based auto scaling. These technologies allow data centers to provide computing resources as efficiently as possible, while ensuring applications’ access to the computing power they need to remain stable in operations. By adopting these technologies, data centers can support more business demands with fewer servers, maximize their utilization of computing resources, minimize wasted electricity and reduce energy intensity.

Today, data centers still consume a large amount of electricity and produce carbon emissions as they fuel the development of the digital economy. Ant Group began exploring innovative technologies to improve its data centers’ operational efficiency in 2019. Green computing technologies is an integral part of the company’s roadmap towards the pledge it made in March 2021 to realize net zero in carbon emissions by 2030. In April 2022, the company announced that it had achieved carbon neutrality in its own operations (Scopes 1 & 2), according to 2021 emission figures certified by the CEC.

About Ant Group

Ant Group traces its roots back to Alipay, which was established in 2004 to create trust between online sellers and buyers. Over the years, Ant Group has grown to become one of the world’s leading open Internet platforms. Through technological innovation, we support our partners in providing inclusive, convenient digital life and digital financial services to consumers and SMEs. In addition, we have been introducing new technologies and products to support the digital transformation and industrial collaboration. Working together with global partners, we enable merchants and consumers to make and receive payments and remit around the world.


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